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tension tamer

by celestial seasonings

 (10 reviews)
This blend begins with eleuthero, an ancient herb believed to impart a sense of calm. We've added peppermint, ginger and lemongrass to create an uplifting and balanced tea.

Recent reviews

    • Darian Stapleton


      Good tea with smooth flavors, I usually drink it when I want tea at night

    • Rebecca Ronco


      This is a great tea for relaxing. I keep a box of tea in my desk at work.

    • Alison O


      Really excellent herbal tea. Great for helping you relax.

    • Max Sugerman


      For the price, this tea is not bad. The flavors are very light and delicate, so you if like a bigger flavor, you should use two tea bags

    • Kelsey Joy


      I haven't had this one in a while (probably since I started drinking loose leaf), but it was pretty tasty. With some honey, it made for a soothing herbal blend. The artwork is adorable and kind of hilarious too.

    • Laurel A.


      I was surprised how much I liked this tea. It's got a definite "herbal" quality, but in a pleasant way.

    • Elizabeth K.


      I always keep this in the house because it really is so relaxing and helpful before bedtime.

    • Heather Landon


      Tension tamer is an old favorite, and though I have moved on to loose leaf teas and enjoy new experiences more than older favorites, tension tamer is the best of the celestial seasonings teas. I can call up the exact flavor of it now. I think I will pick up a box next time I go to the store, in fact.

    • Finnigan Laky


      I love this tea and always have. This is a perfect tea to start out with. Very calming and perfect for before bedtime.

    • Leora Harrell


      Though I enjoy drinking many teas this is a tea I always come back to. It has a very mild smooth flavor and a soothing aroma that help you relax after a long day at work. It goes great with a little honey.