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 (9 reviews)

type: black

origin: sri lanka flavors

caffeine: strong

price level: $$$$

Hibiscus tea has been the preferred drink of many cultures, dating as far back as ancient Egypt. Pharaohs would refresh themselves from the Nile Valley heat by enjoying a sour-sweet cupful. Our delicious Hibiscus Black pairs this tangy flower with bright and brisk Ceylon tea. Layered, fruity-spicy aroma and flavor. Rich, tangy and punchy, great hot or iced! Steep at 212°F for 3 minutes

Recent reviews

    • 

      I love hibiscus, but not with this black tea. The tea was flavorful but quite bitter.

    • 

      Hibiscus seems to have a love hate fan base. This one is grade A, just not a huge hibiscus fan.

    • 

      Imma ho for hibiscus not only cause im hispanic but it's a good tea. I like it.

    • 

      Just WOW! With only one sip this became one of my all-time Adagio Top 10 Teas. The black tea base takes the extreme tangy-tart flavor out of the hibiscus flowers, leaving your taste buds with something full and fruity. Best of all, it's never bitter or dry. It's a black tea that almost tastes like a floral one. I will definitely be getting a bigger bag next time I buy.

    • 

      Soooooooo sweet. Definitely go light on the sugar with this tea. Great if blended with blueberry flavors and used for iced tea.

    • 

      I thought that this tea was pretty good. In some teas, the flavor of hibiscus can be overwhelming, but it is balanced with the black tea. I drank it with a little sugar.

    • LD


      I really liked the fruity scent right out of the bag - reminded me of fruity marshmallows. Was not a fan of the bitter taste, but loved the floral aftertaste.

    • 

      With a little more hibiscus, This would have been an easy favorite. Still magnificent for summer though.

    • 

      I use hibiscus as the base for my iced tea mixes. I usually add a fruit tea (berry blast is a favorite) and a little peppermint too. If you enjoy mixing your own blends, this can be a great base!