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jenny womack  

User's reviews

  • Wild Sweet Orange


    My favorite Tazo tea...and one of my favorite hot teas that isn't loose leaf. When I'm staying in a hotel, I'm always glad to see Tazo because I can usually get the Wild Sweet Orange.

  • Berry Blast


    Possibly my favorite fruit "tea" from adagio. I mix it with hibiscus and peppermint for a great iced tea blend (here in Texas we do iced tea all year long). I've used a French red fruit tea in the past and this is definitely comparable to the higher priced French tea.

  • Hibiscus


    I use hibiscus as the base for my iced tea mixes. I usually add a fruit tea (berry blast is a favorite) and a little peppermint too. If you enjoy mixing your own blends, this can be a great base!

  • Peppermint


    I love Adagio's peppermint tea...I often mix a bit of it in with my other tea, especially my iced teas (hibiscus, berry blast, etc.). And it drinks well alone (I use it hot to soothe an upset tummy) too. Great choice for mint lovers who may want to add a hint of mint to another tea.

  • Earl Grey Moonlight


    I'm not a huge earl grey fan normally, but I love earl grey moonlight...the cream tone mellows out the bergamot a bit for a smoother taste. Definitely recommend.