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 (8 reviews)

type: green

origin: india

caffeine: medium

price level: $$$$

A rare green tea from Assam, India. Its deep green leaves are replete with fragrance of flowers and hits of smoke. The infusion is light, floral and a bit smoky. As it cools, fruity notes of plum and apricot come to the fore, along with hint of grassiness. Overall, a complex and very enjoyable cup. A worthy addition to the green tea pantheon. Please give it a try. Steep at 180°F for 3 minutes

Recent reviews

    • 

      Very smoky. Very little green tea flavor and no fruity or floral notes at all.

    • 

      Not my favorite. There is a grassy smell and taste and some smokiness in the taste as well. Some sweetener cut the astringency a bit, but this isn't one I will reach for again.

    • CK


      This tea is enjoyable in a way I wasn't expecting. Many of the reviews on the parent site expressed the tea's deep astringency and apparent difficulty to correctly steep, but I tried it and really enjoyed it. The astringency is definitely there, but much more subdued for me than others have suggested.

    • 

      Such a unique tea! It's smoky like somewhere between a gunpowder and lapsang souchong. There's a grassy green taste, and the smoke makes you slow down and appreciate it.

    • 

      This wasn't a bad green tea, but it wasn't my favorite. As other's have noted, there was definitely an astringency to this tea. I ended up adding extra sugar to combat it. Luckily I like sweet teas. Other than that, it wasn't too 'grassy'. The second steep did have a straw-like smell, but it didn't carry into the taste too much. I've probably had this tea in blends before without realizing, but I don't think I'd hunt it down to drink it on it's own again.

    • 

      This was just really not for me. Way too astringent both times I’ve tried to make it.

    • 

      Great flavor, a little smoky and a little floral. Well balanced

    • 

      This feels like a really authentic Assam tea. It's delightful.