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 (11 reviews)

type: herbal

origin: south africa rooibos

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

Imagine being whisked away to an fragrant, fresh apricot orchard... That's the sensation you'll get with each sip of our delectable Honeybush Apricot herbal tea. It combines the soft flavor of ripe apricots with the smooth, roasted flavor of sweet Honeybush tea. Soft, mellow mouthfeel and balanced crispness. Completely caffeine free.

Steep at 212°F for 5 minutes

Recent reviews

    • 

      Yummy, the apricot flavor really came through and worked well with the honeybush. I'd like to try this one iced as well.

    • CK


      This is definitely the best honeybush tea I've ever tried. I thought I liked Honeybush Vanilla, but this tea blows it out of the water! It's sweet enough to forgo additional sweetener and smooth enough to forgo cream. Absolutely delicious!

    • 

      First honeybush I've tried. I normally dislike rooibos, but either honeybush is different enough, or the apricot makes it work.

    • 

      Honestly a really good slightly fruity Honeybush tea.

    • 

      A good basic tea. I do enjoy honeybush and rooibos teas. Barely needs sugar. I've tried it iced, for which it's a nice iced tea but the flavor doesn't come across as strong as it would hot.

    • 

      So delicious. Do happy to find a flavorful naturally decaffeinated apricot option!

    • 

      Sweet and fruity without being overwhelming. A very pleasant cup.

    • 

      I really like how simple and satisfying this tea was. Nothing too complicated, just smooth, sweet apricot taste.

    • 

      Good fruit tea in general. I love rooibos very much bc it's so healthy. And yes it's kinda similar to peach tea. The apricot and peach flavors smell pretty much the same in Adagio teas

    • 

      Lightly fruity and not too sweet. Nicely balanced with the honeybush tea. It's really hard for me to tell this tea apart from the rooibos peach - very similar flavor. Really enjoy this tea during the summer.