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sleeptyime extra

by celestial seasonings

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This relaxing herbal tea starts with our time-honored Sleepytime® blend of chamomile, spearmint and other soothing herbs. We then add valerian, long trusted as a natural sleep aid, for an especially calming cup. Sleepytime is the original bedtime tea. More than 40 years ago, we created a truly soothing herbal tea to help folks wind down the day. Today, our calming Sleepytime blend of botanicals is available in herbal, decaf green and wellness teas, so you can always find the perfect cup for your bedtime routine.

Recent reviews

    • AR R


      The smell of this tea is not very appetizing but the valerian root in this tea puts you to sleep. I never wake up in the middle of the night with this tea

    • Ellie Scott


      One of my favorite sleep teas. Nice and relaxing.

    • Nadia Bentley


      Sleepytime is my go-to nighttime tea for sure. I love sitting in bed with a good book and a cup of tea

    • melissa Dichiaro


      Flavor wise it’s ok. I didn’t get any sleep benefits but teas generally don’t help me sleep.

    • Mocha Cocoa


      Great tea to drink before bedtime. Very relaxing very pleasant

    • A. Wood


      My favourite tea to drink everynight before bedtime

    • Kat I


      The rating is more for the teas ability to help relax you to fall asleep. The taste is t that great but it does help.

    • Max Sugerman


      Very similar to the original sleepy-time but the valerian really helps with falling asleep

    • Jennifer Wolff


      It's a good tea that does help you sleep, but the taste of valerian is difficult to overcome. The minty flavor helps somewhat, but it requires a lot of honey or other sweetener to get past, personally.

    • AR

      Anu Ravi


      This one is hard to rate because it does what it was advertised to do. It was a great tea to put me to sleep.It tasted and smelled like feet when brewed. IF you can get past the smell, then go for it