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by celestial seasonings

 (18 reviews)

type: herbal

ingredients: chamomile

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

This calming herbal classic will captivate you with its rich golden color, delicate aroma and sweet floral taste. It's a soothing antidote to life's little complications.

Recent reviews

    • Michael M


      Really good chamomile teabags, hard to go wrong here.

    • Nadia Bentley


      This is a classic chamomile tea that I've been drinking most of my life

    • Karie B.


      It's chamomile. If you like plain chamomile you'll like this. I prefer it blended with other stuff. If you're looking for a nice chamomile blend for bedtime I'd recommend Adagio's 40 winks.

    • LL

      Larissa Leal


      It's a simple, basic chamomile tea that is fine when you're on a budget.

    • melissa Dichiaro


      Basic chamomile tea. Not the highest quality but if your on a budget it’s not bad.

    • Sky Kutil


      This is honestly my least favorite chamomile tea sorry not sorry

    • Red Wolfe


      Not exactly the best for drinking, but great for baking. I use this when making tea cakes, since I can find it anywhere and the chamomile is already small and easy to mix into the batter.

    • Alaina Michael


      It's okay but it quickly tastes medicinal if steeped too long

    • BD

      Bob Doss


      The taste doesn't stand out among other chamomile teas, but it's decent for the price.

    • JS

      Josh S


      I'm giving this one a high rating just because it's nostalgic for me. This is a tea that I grew up with - it's not strongly flavored, it's not a fantastic exciting tea, but it's strangely comforting. At night, when I don't want a bold flavor, it is still nice to have a cup of this as it takes me back to when I was a kid and lulls me to sleep. I fully recognize that it's not great tea, but I still enjoy it for its simplicity.

    • Andrew Eith


      Best chamomile if you can’t find loose tea to brew

    • LB

      Lexus Blackmon


      Tastes like a really strong liquid medicine. It smells flowery.

    • Darian Stapleton


      Was okay, nothing about it really stands out to make it worth buying again

    • Max Sugerman


      Really weak compared to other chamomiles. Something I noticed with this one is that you cant add more tea bags to get a bolder flavor, it gets too bitter and astringent.

    • Kat I


      This was a huge no for me. Tasted like grass or straw. Sugar or honey didnt help.

    • Rainbow Cheese


      one of those classic chamomile teas of youth, but it's not THE BEST out there. sweet & simple

    • Finnigan Laky


      This isn't the best chamomile tea out there. But it's the most readily available one out there and it's really cheap. It's not bad by any means and it's great for kids cause it's got a very subtle taste. Best served with milk and honey