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red zinger

by celestial seasonings

 (13 reviews)
First offered in 1972, the original Zinger® tea blends tangy and fruity hibiscus leaves with refreshing peppermint, sweet orange, lively lemongrass and earthy wild cherry bark. One of our favorites over ice.

Recent reviews

    • Han


      I grew up drinking this! I love this iced in the summer and hot in the winter, it's a classic for a reason. The hibiscus flavor can get too strong and bitter if you steep it too long, so it's much easier to drink iced.

    • Max Sugerman


      I tried this recently after not having it for decades. Its great, it really lives up to its name. Its bright and zippy

    • Ca U


      Great tea. Very yummy. I got to try it at my friend’s house and I was pleasantly surprised

    • Nadia Bentley


      This brings back lots of childhood memories! One of my favorite flavors

    • Karie B.


      This is a really zingy tea. I don't much care for it hot and unsweetened but it's a nice iced tea.

    • A. Wood


      Not really special in flavor or taste. Very tart so you will need some sugar

    • Kat I


      Its very tart without any sweetener, but it doesn't take much to evenout the blend.

    • Noemi Fernandez


      A nice tart tea. I couldnt figure out what I didn't like about it but it's the cherry flavor in it that reminds me of medicine

    • BD

      Bob Doss


      Solid tea. nothing is too overpowering and it is smooth.

    • Ying M


      This tea has a really nice tartness and zing to it! I'm a fan.

    • Andrew Eith


      never been a fan of red zinger....great smell but too tart

    • CC

      C Conn


      Celestial is always a solid brand. You're not really going to get a fantastic quality tea, but you'll pretty much never going to get a band one.