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by adagio teas

 (11 reviews)

type: black

origin: sri lanka flavors

caffeine: strong

price level: $$$$

A delightful blend of bright Ceylon black tea, fresh Blueberry flavor and playfully accented with dried blueberries. An aromatic cup, definitely more like the 'highbush' variety of Blueberry (highly fragrant and delicately tart). Fresh flavor, slightly sweet and rounded texture - not too juicy. Great hot or iced and easy to blend with other teas, too. Try it with Vanilla Black or Cream for added creamy texture. Steep at 212°F for 3 minutes

Recent reviews

    • Anita Blake


      Pretty strong blueberry flavor with the full body of a black tea

    • Karie B.


      This tea was just ok. The blueberry didn't complement the tea as much as I hoped.

    • Krista S


      Excellent blueberry blend! The black tea adds to it instead of overpowering - definitely love it!

    • melissa Dichiaro


      Excellent blueberry black tea. Flavor could be stronger but still it’s there and nice fruity flavor. I liked it mixed with the cream black tea.

    • Chelsea Windmoeller-Schmit


      I enjoyed this but I didn't think that the blueberry was very strong.

    • Sky Kutil


      I personally wasn’t a fan. I didn’t feel as though I got much of a blueberry flavor from it. Maybe I should have steeped it at 200°F instead of 212°F. Tried it without sweetener, with agave sweetener, and with agave sweetener and milk.

    • Kat I


      You really can't go wrong with any of Adagio's fruit teas. Great full bodied taste, no bitterness, smooth.

    • Brannon Hall


      I'm always surprised how well blueberries go with tea. This is a good blueberry tea without as much of the astringency as other adagio flavored black teas.

    • Faith Pippenger


      This is probably one of my favorite teas. It has a full flavor while not being overpowering. Add some milk and sugar and my morning ritual is complete

    • Lisa Tawney


      Delicious berry flavor. The aroma is fruity and rich. This is one of my favorites and pairs well with chocolate. Great hot and iced!

    • Crystal Nicol


      This is a very good berry black teas. I typically add a bit of maple syrup and believe or not it makes it taste like blueberry pancakes.