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Shannon Webb  

User's reviews

  • Pu-erh Hazelberry


    Brewed 212F for 5 minutes with brown sugar added

    This tea was rather delicious. I ended up brewing it twice. Round one was a a little too strong bodied for me so I ended up adding milk to. The result gave a nice strawberries and crème effect. Round two was less heavy on the pu-erh and allowed the fruit and crème notes to really come forward so I drank that with only the brown sugar. Even without the milk for round two, I was still given that delicious strawberries and crème flavor. This definitely a tea that I would love to purchase in the future!

  • Campfire S'Mores


    Brewed 212F for 3 mins with brown sugar added

    For some reason, I received a strong artificial smell upon opening the pack. I'm not sure where it is coming from, but that scent was almost chewing gum like. The wet leaves smell kind of like boiled cabbages or maybe like kale.

    I counted 3 chocolate chips and 4 marshmallows in my CommuniTEA pack. Perhaps more was needed to pull off this blend. If someone had given me this brewed tea without telling me what it is, I never would've guessed s'mores. To me it's just a decent, astringent black tea with a slight smoke to it. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm not finding any chocolate notes. I'm not even getting any hints of creme.

    I saw this tea back when it was being heavily advertised, and I'm super glad that I chose not to purchase even though it sounded tasty.

    I thought about giving another star since it isn't a terrible tea; aside from the slight smoke, there is nothing even vaguely s'mores-like in my cup.

  • Milk Oolong


    Brewed at 190F for 2 minutes with rock sugar added

    Let me preface this by saying that I already source a high quality Jin Xuan from High Climate Tea Company that I enjoy brewing in my gaiwan. For my review, I'll be brewing both the same way (elec. kettle, 8oz mug, rock sugar, time/temp the same).

    There is no large price difference for the two establishments. Adagio is $29 for 3oz and the website for High Climate lists the tea as $20 for 2oz. So there is no influence based on price to purchase one over the other.

    Right off the bat, I can say the Adagio leaves have less of a buttery scent allowing the grassy/floral notes to come through much more. Not to my expectations, but I don't hate it. The Adagio leaves are larger, tighter rolls compared to High Climate's small, delicate rolls. Both, in truth, smell of wet grass after brewing.

    When hot, Adagio is reminiscent of a light green tea. After cooling some, that is when I started noticing the milky flavor. Just like when I first tried it, High Climate reminds me of hot buttery biscuits with a hint of mild grass.

    Overall, Adagio's milk oolong is a tasty one that I could recommend for Adagio lovers. I'll likely stick with making this one a small business purchase though.

  • Yunnan Jig


    Brew #1: 212F for 3 minutes with rock sugar added

    To me, this tea is a bit on the stronger side and is suited more for a morning pick-me-up rather than an afternoon sipper. I'm not picking up many bitter notes from this tea. There is some astringency present but not enough to turn me off from it.

    Brew #2: 212F for 4 minutes with rock sugar added

    I liked this tea enough to try a second steeping; the first round did pack enough flavor that I thought it might be worth a shot. It was fairly decent a second around.

  • Mandarin Green


    Brewed 175F for 3 minutes with rock sugar added

    This is a nice light green tea. There are subtle tropical flavors, but nothing that I can confidently say "oh, that's ____". Overall, not bad.

  • Blackberry Sage Oolong


    Brewed at 190F for 4 minutes with rock sugar added

    While in the midst of brewing and letting the final product cool, I completely forgot that sage is a big part of this blend. Upon sipping, I had a split second of "oh, nice fruit". and then the sage smacked me like a semi. I tried to give this tea a fair shot, but I just can't take the sage flavor being in there. It is very alarming to my taste buds and makes me want to abort mission. Definitely a no from me.



    This is one of my favorite bagged teas. The mix of orange and spice is quite a lovely mix. It reminds me of orange and spice pomanders.

  • Christmas Tea


    This is definitely not my favorite tea, but it still is not terrible. It is deliciously spiced. It definitely makes for a decent evening sipper.



    This was one of my first hot teas. This earl grey is not as intense as other earl greys, but that is why I like it.

  • Jump Start


    Brewed at 212F for 8 minutes with rock sugar added

    Let me preface this by saying that I have zero experience with mate; this is my first.

    The smell of this tea is light cinnamon mixed with something that I just can't describe.

    The tea is rather nice to me. The cinnamon is light enough to not overshadow. There is a light chocolateness at the back of throat. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with mate and kola nuts to say what flavors are even happening with them.

    As of about 2-3 years ago, I cut back considerably on caffeine since it is an anxiety trigger for me. I was hoping this tea wouldn't affect me too much as I'm definitely not used to anything much stronger than plain black tea now. I definitely starting to feel like I'm going to explode if I don't get up and rearrange the entire house, but more so out of a 'let's get things done' feeling rather than 'fight or flight'.

    Overall, this tea is interesting enough to make me want to try again. Although, perhaps on a day with a lot of errands rather than a day reserved for relaxing.

  • Christmas


    Not a bad tea. This has some rather nice spice to it. Next time, I'm going to see how well of a latte it makes.

    It's very similar to Christmas Tea from Twinings and somewhat to Constant Comment from Bigelow.

  • Pomegranate Grove


    Not a bad tea. It smells closer to cherries to me as does a lot of pomegranate flavored items. The taste is deliciously fruity with a hint of tang and spice. Its good both hot and cold.

  • Decaf Spice


    Brewed 212F for 3 mins with rock sugar added

    This is not a bad tea. It definitely reminds me of the way that the orange and spice pomanders smell. I would probably drink this again if given the chance.

  • Double Ginger


    Brewed 212F for 5 mins with rock sugar added

    This tea is just not for me. I'm not a big fan of strong ginger, and the ginger is certainly there with this. I lets hubs try it; he said that it isn't bad but can't taste any other ingredient but the ginger.

    If you're someone super into ginger, this tea might be for you. The name is Double Ginger, and there is, indeed, a ton of ginger flavor.

  • Rooibos Vanilla Chai


    Brewed 212°F for 8 mins with rock sugar added

    This is definitely not my favorite tea. Even though I brewed it for 8 minutes, it still tasted closer to spiced water to me. I did smell nice, though.

  • Dragonwell


    Brewed 175F for 2 mins with rock sugar added

    The flavor is not bad with this tea. I'm picking up notes of nuttiness. I detected no bitterness.

  • Creme Brule


    This tea is absolutely delicious! It's a perfectly creamy dessert tea that I must keep on hand. I highly suggest making a latte with it. It's often my tea of choice for sipping while in the bathtub.

  • Assam Melody


    Brewed at 212F for 3 mins with rock sugar added

    For me personally, there isn't much to say about the scent. I was simply greeted with the familiarity of black tea.

    I opted to brew this for a shorter period of time to help combat potential bitterness. There was still some bitterness present, but it wasn't really anything that a small amount of sweetener couldn't handle. The flavor is quite nice; like a light breakfast blend. You don't really need to add milk or a lot of sweetener. Unless that's just your preference of course.

    I'm finding that this tea holds a lot of nostalgia for me. Its simple flavor brings to mind calm Scottish mornings, bare feet on cool stone floors, and the sound of a kettle. Oh, pre-quarantine world, how I miss thee.

  • Blood Orange Smoothie


    I'm not really a big fan of this tea. considering I enjoy citrus fruits, I had hope for this blend. Unfortunately, the orange tastes rather odd to me.

  • Ruby Oolong


    This is a lovely, rich oolong. It is very easy to sip on and will survive at least three steepings.

    (Brewed at 190F for 3 minutes with rock sugar added)

  • White Blueberry


    Brewed 3 mins @ 175F with rock sugar added

    The smell is like that of ripe blueberries. In my opinion, this tea is exactly as expected. Thanks to the white tea, there is virtually no bitterness. The blueberry flavor is certainly at the forefront and quite delicious. I can only imagine how delicious this would be if I had made it into a latte.

  • Tiger Eye


    Brewed at 212F for 3 min with rock sugar added

    This tea smells like caramel filled chocolate. The flavor is very close to that as well along with an unmistakable black tea flavor. I look forward to trying this tea again but in latte form. There is already a slightly creamy quality to it, and I would love to enhance that. This is the kind of tea that would be a perfect accompaniment to relaxing after a long day. I definitely recommend this tea to others.

  • Almond


    Brewed 3 min @ 212F with rock sugar added.

    *Disclaimer: This came in my CommuniTEA box. I don't mind almond milk, but I usually can't stand anything else almond. That said, I tried to give this tea a fair shot instead of skipping it.*

    The smell of the dry leaf is almost artificial to me. The brew itself smells akin to something like a light English breakfast.

    I added a teaspoon of rock sugar to this like I usually do with my tea. I thought it would be enough until I took a sip and realized just how correct everyone was about the bitterness. I immediately placed a second teaspoon of rock sugar in my cup with the hope that would help. The bitterness is still there but the extra sweetness helped somewhat. To me, this tea just tastes like black tea with some weird after taste.

    I honestly was anticipating for a "bite into the dessert only to discover disgusting marzipan" moment. Instead, it was just "meh". It isn't the worse thing I've ever tasted. I think if someone bought this tea expecting a nice, hefty almond taste, they might be disappointed.

  • Maple Creme Oolong


    Brewed at 190°F for 4 minutes with rock sugar added.

    The flavors are exactly what you'd expect from the title given. It is somewhat close to a light chai with some maple flavors added. Overall, not a bad tea.



    Very delicious tea. Like the name implies, it has a lovely honey flavor to it. It already has a natural sweetness to it so there is no need to add very much extra sweetener all.

  • Summer Night


    Brewed at 212F for 8 minutes with rock sugar added.

    There are a ton of apple pieces in here, to the point that, for a moment, I thought that was all I had. The dry tea smells a lot like fruit gum. I'm having trouble describing exactly what the brewed tea smells like; mint-something perhaps. The flavor is light, not too overpowering. I can easily pick out the subtle mint; the rest of the ingredients combine a little too much for my palate to be able to discern. Overall, not a bad tea. I would drink it again.

  • Pu-erh Tahiti


    Brewed 212F for 5 minutes with rock sugar added

    The scent is rather coconut forward. The flavor is a delightful tropical experience.

  • Raspberry


    This tea isn't terrible. I'd be willing to drink it if someone offered it to me, but I'm not interested in buying it. The flavor is decent but there is just too much extra bitterness to try to combat. I usually add a little bit of sugar to my tea, but the amount of sugar I would have to add to this to try balance the bitterness would be ridiculous. (3 min @ 212F)

  • Foxtrot


    Brewed 8 minutes at 212F with sourwood honey added

    I purchased this tea for my husband. I think the tea smells super strong with an eyewatering quality. He rather likes the scent likening it to Christmas. As far as the taste is concerned he simply described it as interesting and relaxing.

    Disclaimer: I do not drink this type of tea. Therefore, the star rating itself is from my husband.

  • Gingerbread


    Brewed at 212F for 3 minutes

    I had expected a spicy smell to this tea, but I wasn't really get much of anything. As far as the flavor is concerned, I'm not really getting the gingerbread quality to it. There is an ever so slight artificial quality that lingers for a few moments in the back of the throat. Overall it is a decent spiced tea.

  • Autumn Mist Green


    This tea smells wonderful. Both taste and scent is like that of creme brulee. It's quite delicious and goes down smooth.

    Brewed 175F for 3 minutes

  • Bonfire


    I absolutely adore this tea. The closest that I can explain it as is a really nice smoky chai, but it's much more complex than that.

  • Pumpkin Spice


    I'm not really getting the pumpkin spice quality. It definitely tastes like a regular nice chai. Regardless, it's still a nice tea.

  • Honeybush Pumpkin Chai


    The scent is rather overwhelming, but the taste is divine. I haven't had many honeybush teas so I'm glad to have found this one.

    Brewed as per the instructions.

  • Virgo


    This is a rather lovely tea. It has a light fruity-floral smell. The lemongrass flavor is there, but not overpoweringly so. I would probably buy this one again.

  • Silver Sprout


    Brewed in gaiwan at 175F

    Let me start by saying that there was a ton of small particles in my packet. Usually the initial rinse will rid the debris for subsequent brews, but it just kept coming. This tea looked liked someone dumped out a teabag, threw in a few pieces of whole leaf, and then said "there, done". If you don't brew using a fillable bag or a fine mesh strainer, good luck.

    Moving on... The smell is vegetal but lightly so. I had hopes that this would work well being brewed in my mini gaiwan. I'm not really getting the complexity as stated in the description. The butteriness is every so subtly there, but at least it actually exists unlike the supposed smoky quality; the smokiness is neither there in flavor nor scent. This flavor isn't terrible, but it isn't what I've come to expect from Adagio.



    This is a lovely tea. My favorite way to drink this is as a latte. I have just a little bit left over in a vacuum sealed bag from when Teavana shut it's loose leaf stores. I hope I can find a suitable replacement before I break into my leftovers.



    This is great over ice. It has a nice balance of sweet and tart fruitiness. I'm definitely going to have to try find a suitable replacement for this one.



    This tea is rather nice. It's got a delightful fruitiness to it. I definitely suggest trying it over ice. I've got a vacuum sealed bag that I've been avoiding breaking open.



    This was one of my first loose teas. I definately still have a few small vacuum sealed bags of this that I break open every now and then. I'll miss this, but I've been able to get my hands on similar teas.



    This tea made a rather nice hot or cold brew. The fruitiness is quite nice. I'll definitely miss it once I run out of my leftover bag.



    I still have a leftover vacuum sealed bag of this. This tea is rather nice and fruity. It's great hot, but also makes quite a refreshing iced tea as well.



    I remember really enjoying this one and can recall the delicious aroma. I miss Teavana, but this tea is definitely something I can get elsewhere, possibly cheaper or of better quality.



    This was my favorite tea from Teavana. It makes a delicious latte. I bought as much as I could when they were going out of the loose tea business and vacuum sealed several small bags. I'm going to be really sad when I eventually run out of this.



    This tea is pretty good. I still have some left over that I vacuum sealed. Hopefully I can find something to replace this eventually.

  • Chocolate Chai Pu Erh


    Brewed 5 minutes at 212F with rock sugar added.

    The scent is mostly of cinnamon bark. The brew itself is a delicious cinnamon forward chai. I'm not getting many chocolaty notes, but this tea is delightful non the less.

    Next time I plan to make a latte with it.

  • Golden Turmeric Chai


    Brewed 4 min @ 212°F with a little bit of rock sugar added

    Not bad, but not great either. This is a chai tea that I would drink if someone gave it to me, but I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it. The spices tasted subtle, yet made my gums tingle at the same time.

    It also didn't settle well, but I'm not sure if that was because I was going through a bought of food poisoning or if it was actually from the tea.

  • English Breakfast


    The leaves look to be of nice quality. As far a s the flavor, this is your typical English Breakfast tea. It is fairly smooth, but I did have to add some rock sugar in this to combat the bitterness from the tannins. If I ever purchase this, I will likely add some sort of dairy/non-dairy product to this to make a builder's brew.

  • Rooibos Earl Grey


    Brewed at 212F for 5 minutes.

    The scent upon opening the pack was delightful. However, I began getting notes of "wet dog" once I started to actually steep the tea. The flavor isn't terrible. The bergamot flavor is rather strong and drowns out the rooibos. I much prefer the classic black tea earl grey to this.