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Travis Rigg  

User's reviews

  • Hojicha


    Definitively not in love with this tea. It just has a toasty flavor that I don't think is for me. I feel like this was a love it or hate it sort of experience, one that I will not be seeking out once more

  • Genmai Cha


    Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this tea! It has a toast-y flavor that I didn't like at first sip and then fell in love with over the course of the packet from Adagio. I've recommended a couple of friends give it a go, though I think this is probably not a flavor profile that everyone will enjoy. I found it savory and comforting, like a warm bowl of soup. I'll definitely be seeking out more of this and possibly some teas like it. This may be sacrilege of some variety or another, but this is my favorite Japanese tea I've tried so far

  • Jasmine Silver Needle


    Extremely refreshing. Someone else described the flavor as delicate, and I would say that's accurate. I definitely recommend this tea!

  • Earl Grey Moonlight


    This was a bit strong for my taste, but ultimately was serviceable. I'd probably recommend anyone who generally likes Earl Grey teas to give it a try, though I probably won't be seeking it out again in the future

  • Blueberry


    Didn't even realize that the flavoring was blueberry. Tasted more like pineapple to me. I also found the black tea and the fruit flavoring to be clashing and in conflict. This tea wasn't outright offensive, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it, either

  • Mango Green


    What a delightfully refreshing tea! Nothing is terribly overpowering, and overall, it could reasonably be called "inoffensive" which seems like criticism through faint praise, but I really really enjoy this! Nothing overpowers and it's just very pleasant to sip

  • Summer Rose


    I followed the brewing instructions exactly, but I'm not sure the brewing instructions actually result in the most favorable results for this particular tea. I'd probably bump down the temperature or reduce the time. It just tastes to me the way that tea tastes when it's oversteeped.

  • Dewy Cherry


    I really did not enjoy this. The cherry flavoring just had this kind of false flavoring to it, whether that's true or not. I would not recommend this

  • Rooibos Vanilla Chai


    Rooibos I generally only enjoy under certain conditions, and chai I don't generally enjoy all that much, but this was a really enjoyable experience. Would definitely seek it out again

  • Blood Orange


    Add this to the list of teas you want on hand when you're feeling ill! I'm probably gonna go with this on date nights going forward when I want to keep my throat feeling okay

  • Masala Chai


    As I begin this review, I wonder if I'm the right person to be reviewing this tea. I've never had Indian masala chai, I've never ordered masala chai at an Indian restaraunt, and the only "chai" tea I've ever had has been... y'know... from a tea bag. I'm not particularly sure what a proper cup of masala chai is supposed to taste like.


    I don't like this. The best thing I can say about it is it smells nice. After that, the experience of drinking it is... An experience. I don't find it all that spicy, as some reviewers do, but then again I can also see where they're coming from. All I can taste is the spices. I don't taste anything that makes me think, "This is a cup of tea," which is why I'm not at all sure I should even be writing this review, because it's entirely possible it is the perfect masala chai, but I'm exactly the sort of person who shouldn't be having a masala chai because it's just not for me.

    All I can say is this: I didn't enjoy this, though I wasn't offended by it. But I certainly couldn't recommend it to a friend

  • Citron Green


    Okay, I'm really enjoying this tea! It's really refreshing without being overpowering. If I had just woken up and I had a sore throat, it would be my top choice for what to drink

  • Spearmint Herbal Tea


    It's not anything special, but I have a fondness for this tea because I've had it on a lot of video dates. It keeps my throat calm while talking for hours. I'm sure many people will see my 5 star rating and assume this means I think it's the perfect spearmint herbal tea, but really, it just means I will definitely continue to drink it for a long time simply because it makes me happy to revisit my memories of drinking it

  • 40 Winks


    It's a little hard for me to rate this. I haven't tried a wide breadth of sleepy time teas, but of the three I've tried, this is one of the two that does in fact put me to sleep. It doesn't quite put me in a coma, so that's good, but I don't really relish drinking it. I drink it because I know I'll appreciate the sleep, not because I appreciate the tea. So ultimately, I guess I want to give it a good review because it does what it says on the side of the tin