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ginseng green

by adagio teas

 (13 reviews)

type: green

origin: china

caffeine: medium

price level: $$$$

Fresh and crisp green tea from China with the energizing flavor of ginseng, accented with dried ginger. Sweet, earthy green aroma, notes of fresh hay and delicately spicy herbs. Pleasantly bittersweet without being medicinal. Soothing, soft finish. A very grounding cup of tea. Steep at 180°F for 2-3 minutes

Recent reviews

    • Cristian Bravo Plancarte


      its pretty good the ginger isnt overwhelming at all but it didnt taste enough like green tea if you know what i mean but regardless i think anyone would like it if they enjoy green tea

    • Karie B.


      This was a really nice cup of tea. Neither the ginger or ginseng was overpowering.

    • Galatea D


      Pleasant basic tea. Like might be had a nice Asian dinner house.

    • Sky Kutil


      Pretty nicely flavored green tea. Very relaxing. You do have to be careful with your temp and steep time.

    • Red Wolfe


      I really just tasted green tea. But hey, it was still pretty dang good.

    • Kimberly Hnatko


      Strong ginseng/green flavor. I didn't taste any ginger, which I really would have enjoyed.

    • Contessa Richter


      I dont understand the point of adding ginseng flavor, add ginseng or leave it out. The ginger can stand on its own

    • AW

      Alexis Wolf


      Solid green tea with an energy and flavor kick! Might be a good entry tea into flavored green teas for those unfamiliar with them since it's subtle.

    • Liam Pavone


      Very good tea but be careful with temperature and time brewed. Not a pleasant smell in my opinion but great taste.

    • Bailey Green


      I know I say this a lot. But this is also one of my favorite teas. The ginseng gives it a nice kick, almost spicy, but not peppery. Just adds a nice 'zing'. It also gives me great energy! So when I feel like I need green tea, but also a little pep in my step. This is my go to. Its a very nice earthy, almost 'muddy' (but not in a bad way! think mineraly!) taste. One that I absolutely LOVE ginseng for!

    • Annie Katharine


      This is a great tea with a hint of ginger and ginseng

    • Max Sugerman


      As someone else said, this tea is great with honey. Nice green tea with well balanced ginseng

    • Nicole Hight


      I love adding honey to green tea for a relaxing tea.