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Cristian Bravo Plancarte  

User's reviews

  • Peppermint


    really good i dont think that its too strong like others might and ive also had the spearmint which i think is something most people would prefer

  • Irish Breakfast


    legit one of the best black teas ive had cant go back to tea bags

  • Ginseng Green


    its pretty good the ginger isnt overwhelming at all but it didnt taste enough like green tea if you know what i mean but regardless i think anyone would like it if they enjoy green tea

  • White Fuzzy Navel


    i really liked it i think it smelled a little better than what it tastes tho

  • Bonfire


    it smelled like a pizza luchable it and even when not smelling it it wasnt that great either

  • Berry Blast Iced Tea


    yo this tea is really great because it has its own sweetness so no sugars or any kind of sweetener needed but it still is great with sugar i honestly could go both ways

  • Earl Grey Bravo


    real good on its own, with milk and sugar or iced.