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bengal spice

by celestial seasonings

 (19 reviews)
Brimming with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves, this adventurous blend is our caffeine-free interpretation of chai, the piquant Indian brew traditionally made with black tea. Try it with milk and sugar for a true chai experience.

Recent reviews

    • Payton Russell


      great chai tea, and even greater box art for this tea

    • Happy Herbalist


      Wonderful chai like blend. Full of flavor, but not bitter at all.

    • Nadia Bentley


      This was ok. It reminded me of an extra spicy chai tea

    • Michael M


      Bengal Spice is one of my most favorite herbals from Celestial Seasonings.

    • Angela D


      This tea is my family’s go-to favorite in the evenings. It’s spicy but also smooth. We’ve tried other brands that seem to have similar ingredients, but none can quite match this unique combination. It’s a soothing and relaxing flavor if you like spicy chai.

    • Red Wolfe


      Good introduction to chai, but very heavy on cinnamon.

    • Andrew Eith


      Pretty decent tea in my opinion it’s quiet tasty..

    • Max Sugerman


      Not a bad blend but its pretty overwhelming. You really need to be careful as to not oversteep

    • Krista S


      A perfect blend of sweet and spice! A friend recommended this one to me, and wow, she wasn’t kidding. This tea is so yummy 😋🥰

    • KE

      Katie Easterday


      A decent tea a little too much with the cinnamon.

    • Rebecca Ronco


      A little too much cinnamon for my taste. It’s good when toned down with some cream.

    • Kat I


      Nice spice to it, unusual and surprising. Watch it closely though and don't over steep this one, the taste can quickly become too powerful and unappealing.

    • Stephanie Cheffins


      Deliciously spicy and sweet. However, it can be overpowering if steeped for too long.

    • Rivkae Winters


      This is a very boldly spiced chai that can very easily become to intense when over-steeped. It's delicious when you get it in the water for just the right amount of time though!

    • Yu-Hsin Liu


      Very savory and spicy chai, makes a wonderful latte, my boyfriend has fallen in love with it so we always have it at home now!

    • Snicky


      It's delicious! At times it can be a bit too "spicy", but other than that it is the perfect fall morning tea. Smells amazing as well.

    • AR

      Anu Ravi


      Good tea. I prefer this one cold steeped with 2 bags or more for all the flavors to come through. It is great with condensed milk if you have it or want to have it as a treat but it is also great with regular milk. I would have this one steeping all the time but the flavor is not strong enough for me which it why it is not a 5 star tea for me

    • Finnigan Laky


      This tea is great. Perfect with mild and sugar. Celestial Seasonings is the perfect beginninger tea brand.

    • Sara Baldwin


      Very rich and cinnamon-y! I prefer to drink it hot.