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Rivkae Winters  

User's reviews

  • Wild Berry Zinger


    This tea is superbly berry flavored and a wonderful tea warm or cold!

  • Country Peach Passion


    This tea is delightfully peachy, and It'd have 4 stars if I really enjoyed fruity teas.

  • Bengal Spice


    This is a very boldly spiced chai that can very easily become to intense when over-steeped. It's delicious when you get it in the water for just the right amount of time though!

  • Egyptian Licorice Mint


    This tea is, in my opinion, a little bit less good than it's non-mint counterpart. (the Yogi Egyptian Licorice Tea) A lot of that for me comes down to how the mint almost clashes with the naturally warm-sweet-spiced base tea. The mint, like most mints, has an almost cooling taste which can make for a very interesting flavor palette when paired with the Egyptian licorice tea only it doesn't quite land for me and the clashing of the warm and cool flavors is almost always a little out of proportion. Still a good tea though.

  • Egyptian Licorice Tea


    This tea is absolutely delicious. Its a sweet and warmly spiced tea that isn't harsh like a typical chai or bitter at all. It's the type of tea that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy. The longer you let it steep the sweeter and more cinnamon-y it will get.

  • Caramel Apple Dream


    A friend of mine had some of this laying around her cupboards and passed it on to me, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is.

    You can taste the apple and the caramel and it's delightfully sweet, and I think it tastes best without sugar.

  • Gingerbread Spice


    This tea is probably one of my favorite bagged teas, it is a chai but it's not as spicy as their other chais which is one of the reasons I love it. Also, it tastes+smells exactly like gingerbread. This is a seasonal tea and perfect for Christmas time.

    And to disclose my potential slight bias: this tea is one I've been drinking for a very long time and is attached to some important memories for me.