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Theresa Giggey  

I'm new to drinking tea with any regularity, mainly because I can't do caffeine (I'm sensitive). Adagio's rooibos is my true love - anything that makes me feel like I'm having black tea without any caffeine. I love fruity herbals, teas for health purposes, and calming nighttime teas, even in the middle of the day. I don't drink tea to feel alert, I drink tea to soothe and relax. I also wish Adagio had gluten-free, caffeine-free, and nut-free options for some of their treats! They are very good about labeling their teas, which is extremely helpful and important to me, but I love when a company gives someone like me even more options.

User's reviews

  • Raspberry Leaf


    This is a tasty tea; has bit of a black tea and raspberry flavor. Does seem to help with some menstrual symptoms!