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vanilla bean macaron

by tazo

 (8 reviews)
A black tea confection with notes of fragrant vanilla & a dash of cinnamon.

Recent reviews

    • Red Wolfe


      Like vanilla itself, the smell is better than the taste. However, it's pleasently sweet and good enough, but not a daily tea.

    • Bailey Green


      Kinda tastes like icecream cookies! I love it! Wish I could find more

    • BD

      Bob Doss


      Very sweet. Tastes Almost more like a flavored hot coco.

    • Max Sugerman


      Barely tastes like tea. Its closer to a milkshake. Very artificial and sweet

    • AR R


      There is something a little artificial but it makes a delicious hot latte.

    • EB

      Emma B.


      It's a dessert tea, but it's not as sweet as many dessert teas, making it tasty but versatile. Low caffeine content makes it good for an afternoon treat. I like it with cream.

    • Jay R


      After numerous attempts to make this tea taste good, I've given up. It's practically flavorless if brewed per box recommendations and tastes like a whisper of black tea at +7 minutes.. not worth the money.

    • Yu-Hsin Liu


      Another tea I had high hopes for that was ruined by the licorice root in it, I couldn't even taste vanilla because of how overpowering the licorice was