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earl grey bella luna

by adagio teas

 (51 reviews)

type: black

origin: sri lanka

caffeine: strong

price level: $$$$

Earl Grey Bella Luna brings the light of the full moon to your cup. Robust Earl Grey shines with familiar bergamot notes, highlighted by a soft glow of coconut and cream. Rich, bright, and well-rounded, this tea is not to be missed... but it only rises once a month, so don't miss out! Steep at 212°F for 3-5 minutes

Recent reviews

    • Dr Laura A


      again true confessions- was thrilled to try this - and thanksAdagio... neat idea - full moon and blue moons too

    • Rebekah Strickland


      This is my favorite tea for everyday sipping. The coconut adds a mellow flavor to the earl grey, which makes for a relaxing cup.

    • TA

      Trent Arney


      the coconut took me by surpise, as I'm not a fan of coconut. If you like coconut you'd probably enjoy this

    • L. S.


      I was a little apprehensive, but the coconut and bergamot play surprisingly well together. Just don't steep for longer than 3 minutes or it'll become horribly bitter.

    • Debbie Sellers


      High caffeine to keep you away by the light of the pale full moon, or as a morning tea! A full moon special available only once a month, so check your astrological charts. floral and sweet with coconut, but a little bitter on the end. I like it best with a hint of milk and honey, or as a Latte.

    • Han


      Not usually an earl grey fan, but the addition of coconut and cream really makes this! Its a little difficult to buy since its only available one day a month but its worth it!

    • JI

      Julia Israel


      This tea is amazing!! I'm in love with it and definitely makes my morning

    • JC

      Joyce Cross


      Love this tea! It makes my morning to sit down and enjoy the first slip to the last.

    • AR R


      Good earl grey. Gets a bit bitter if you oversteep even a little. I do not taste the coconuts in this batch.

    • Rebecca Haley


      I like earl greys, and this one is no exception. The coconut give it a slight twist, and it is a nice blend.

    • JD

      Jessica Deutsch


      Great tea for anyone who likes earl grey but is looking for a slight level of sweetness in their tea.

    • Brannon Hall


      In general earl grey is not my favorite tea, however adagio's marketing for this particular earl grey snagged my attention and my wallet. After my first cup, I'm happy to say that it's probably the best earl grey I've had. It had hints of sweetness with a slightly astringent aftertaste. I added sugar to mine, and it was very good. Looking forward to trying it in other ways recommended by reviewers.

    • Anita Blake


      Truly not one of my favorite teas, so it's great it's not available often. Too bitter and no bottom notes

    • Galatea D


      This is a delicious tea. I don't taste much of earl grey and the orange on it. I really taste the almost creamy coconut dominant flavor. Delicious.

    • AW

      Alexis Wolf


      This is a solid earl grey, although I found the coconut flavor (while it made the cup sweeter and smoother) a bit strong for my taste--will probably regift this!

    • Karie B.


      This one is a winner! Earl Gray with a bit of something extra. They only sell it on the full moon though so plan ahead.

    • AG

      Angela Green


      I love this tea! It has a wonderful Earl Grey flavor that is subtle, and the reusability of the tin is a plus.

    • Mocha Cocoa


      Very coconuty,. Creamy and plesant. Such a great earl grey

    • MW

      Merry Waugh


      This tea is worth the wait and the effort to not miss the next full moon. It makes the best london fogs I have EVER had.

    • melissa Dichiaro


      My absolute favorite take on an earl grey. The coconut pairs perfectly with the bergamot. I thought I disliked earl grey until I tried this tea and now I find its one of my favorite teas for the am. Do t brew longer then 2 mins though or it gets very bitter.

    • Kaytlin Fedonick


      I absolutely loved this tea and I wasn’t expecting too. Coconut is one of my favorite flavors but the floral I wasn’t sure it. It blends soooo well. Yum

    • Sara Elana


      Smooth delicious flavor! Classic Earl grey with hints of creamy coconut. So delicious that I drank my first cup more quickly than usual. So happy that I got a full pound.

    • Asia Cureton


      This tea is top notch! It's one of my favorite Earl Greys. Smooth and delicious!

    • Casey Covel


      I'm not the biggest fan of coconut, so the fact that I'm head-over-heels for this tea is a statement (good thing it's a monthly release instead of an annual one!). The bergamot, coconut, black tea, and creme blend together seamlessly with no one flavor overpowering the others. Thoroughly romantic (in the genre use of the word), it will wake you up at the first pinprick of dawn as color fills the sky, or keep you company when the midnight moon hangs in a star-dusted canopy of ebony. Earl Grey fans shouldn't miss it.

    • Mikayla Jenkins


      delicious coconut twist on the classic earl grey. Can't get enough!

    • kelsey Norris


      Everything about this tea is beautiful and relaxing

    • Cassandra Guild


      This is one of my absolute favorite teas. The coconut flavor is incredibly delicious mixed with the Earl grey tea.

    • Amanda


      This has a very strong and bright bergamot flavor, with a more subtle undertone of coconut and sweet cream to balance it out. Great any time of the day.

    • JP

      Julie Palmer


      I always have Earl Grey on hand because it's the only tea my parents drink. I changed it up on them the last time they visited with this tea, and it was great to have a little different flavor. I enjoyed the coconut twist and will repurchase.

    • Mandi B


      It's alright. I'm not sure what is lacking but i feel like something is missing from this tea. I've tried it on its own, doctored up with honey and milk, and vanilla syrups ect...but it just isn't an Earl Grey that I seem to enjoy...and I love Earl Grey teas overall.

    • Shalei Benjamin


      I love how the earl grey blends with the coconut. It's creamy and smooth

    • Ruberman Rodriguez


      Never was a fan of Earl Grey until this tea! I love the hints of coconut, its what makes it truly a good cuppa.

    • Bailey Green


      I enjoyed it. Typically, I'm not much of an Earl Grey fan (shocking I know!) But I HAD to have this since it only is sold on the full moon. Even though I rarely enjoy a nice Earl Grey, this one was interesting. The coconut and cream almost made it taste like a coconut cake. Very smooth. Now when I crave a nice cup of earl grey (with enough milk and sugar to be considered a latte) I always reach for this!

    • Annie Katharine


      This is such a treat when it comes around each month!

    • Krista S


      A subtly sweet black tea to be sure - I love the coconut here. I’ve enjoyed a few cups of this already, and looking forward to more. I may try it with a bit of almond or coconut milk next time.

    • Ashley Lam


      Very bold and too much of a floral taste for me. Not sure what I can do with it to make it more palatable.

    • TR

      Tia Robertson


      One of my favorite teas thus far - I keep this in stock in my tea cabinet and drink a cup almost every morning!

    • Lydia Getgen


      Delicious, with a bold but smooth flavor profile that makes a lovely cup of tea or latte and serves as an excellent pick-me-up late morning or early afternoon

    • SK

      Samantha K


      Bought both Bella Lunas when they were available. Both are a unique flavor and color.

    • Paige C


      Legitimately one of my very favorite teas; I buy it in bulk. The cream a coconut balance the bergamot perfectly without loosing either one.

    • Savannah Shanton


      I find it very good with coconut oil! I love the flavour!

    • Casey Wolfe


      Full disclosure, I don't like coconut and I'm not a big fan of Earl Grey either. My mom wanted to try this one though and so I had some. The coconut isn't overpowering, which is good. You for sure have to like Earl Grey though, haha. If you do, this would certainly be your cup of tea - pun intended. The flavor was on point, and the balance was there.

    • Avery Moran


      This one is quite nice as i am a fan of both coconut and earl grey. Just don't let it steep too long! I think its a good once in a blue moon purchase if you want to try something a little different. 212 degrees for 3 minutes with some milk and sugar and you are good to go!

    • Kyla Robbins


      This tea is one of my least favorite teas. It has a strong flavor of something (can't quite decide what it is) that I am not fond of. I can drink one cup (very weak) but that is about it. I need to figure out how I can blend it with another loose tea so I don't waste it. I kind of feel like I am drinking a flower...just too strong for my liking.

    • Ashleigh Baan


      This is one of the best teas that I have ever tasted! It is a wonderful early grey tea!

    • Megan de Araujo


      This is good, but I don’t get much of the coconut. It tastes to me a lot like the Earl Grey Moonlight, which is not a bad thing.

    • Oomi


      Didn't taste much of the coconut, you're better off with Earl Gray Moonlight for the same taste

    • ES

      Emily S


      I really wanted to love this one. The coconut is a little too much for me, I think- it comes over kind of bitter. It's still a good earl grey, but not my favorite.

    • Snicky


      It's a nice tea but a bit too "floral" for my tastes. I definitely would not recommend it if you've never tried an earl grey before.

    • Braelin S


      very good tea didn't have quiet the flavor I was looking for but still wonderful. probably wont order again just because i'm in love with the lavender earl grey.

    • Cassy Norwick


      This is my favorite Adagio Tea that I have tried so far. It is delicious, comforting, and awakening. I finally remembered to order again on the full moon today, and can't wait to receive more!