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earl grey bella luna

by adagio teas

 (17 reviews)

type: black

origin: sri lanka

caffeine: strong

price level: $$$$

Earl Grey Bella Luna brings the light of the full moon to your cup. Robust Earl Grey shines with familiar bergamot notes, highlighted by a soft glow of coconut and cream. Rich, bright, and well-rounded, this tea is not to be missed... but it only rises once a month, so don't miss out! Steep at 212°F for 3-5 minutes

Recent reviews

    • TR

      Tia Robertson


      One of my favorite teas thus far - I keep this in stock in my tea cabinet and drink a cup almost every morning!

    • Lydia Getgen


      Delicious, with a bold but smooth flavor profile that makes a lovely cup of tea or latte and serves as an excellent pick-me-up late morning or early afternoon

    • SK

      Samantha K


      Bought both Bella Lunas when they were available. Both are a unique flavor and color.

    • Paige C


      Legitimately one of my very favorite teas; I buy it in bulk. The cream a coconut balance the bergamot perfectly without loosing either one.

    • Savannah Shanton


      I find it very good with coconut oil! I love the flavour!

    • Casey Wolfe


      Full disclosure, I don't like coconut and I'm not a big fan of Earl Grey either. My mom wanted to try this one though and so I had some. The coconut isn't overpowering, which is good. You for sure have to like Earl Grey though, haha. If you do, this would certainly be your cup of tea - pun intended. The flavor was on point, and the balance was there.

    • Avery Moran


      This one is quite nice as i am a fan of both coconut and earl grey. Just don't let it steep too long! I think its a good once in a blue moon purchase if you want to try something a little different. 212 degrees for 3 minutes with some milk and sugar and you are good to go!

    • AO

      Alison O


      Delicious earl grey. I like to drink it with a little milk and honey.

    • Kelsey Joy


      I love this blend. Sadly, I finished my tin about a month ago. I'll have to replenish at some point. It's a nice twist on the traditional earl grey. The cream/coconut help to soften the bergamot.

    • Kyla Robbins


      This tea is one of my least favorite teas. It has a strong flavor of something (can't quite decide what it is) that I am not fond of. I can drink one cup (very weak) but that is about it. I need to figure out how I can blend it with another loose tea so I don't waste it. I kind of feel like I am drinking a flower...just too strong for my liking.

    • Ashleigh Baan


      This is one of the best teas that I have ever tasted! It is a wonderful early grey tea!

    • Megan de Araujo


      This is good, but I don’t get much of the coconut. It tastes to me a lot like the Earl Grey Moonlight, which is not a bad thing.

    • Oomi


      Didn't taste much of the coconut, you're better off with Earl Gray Moonlight for the same taste

    • ES

      Emily S


      I really wanted to love this one. The coconut is a little too much for me, I think- it comes over kind of bitter. It's still a good earl grey, but not my favorite.

    • Snicky


      It's a nice tea but a bit too "floral" for my tastes. I definitely would not recommend it if you've never tried an earl grey before.

    • Braelin S


      very good tea didn't have quiet the flavor I was looking for but still wonderful. probably wont order again just because i'm in love with the lavender earl grey.

    • Cassy Norwick


      This is my favorite Adagio Tea that I have tried so far. It is delicious, comforting, and awakening. I finally remembered to order again on the full moon today, and can't wait to receive more!