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Kristen Salem  

Hey I'm Peach! I'm an artist & a big ol tea nerd. Follow me on insta @meannectarine

User's reviews

  • Zen


    Lovely mildly minty green. Pair it with a fruity herbal tea of your choice (like their passion, or a raspberry) and it makes a refreshing iced tea.

  • Vanilla Bean Macaron


    I've had this tea many times, and while it is good, it leaves something to be desired. I find myself reaching for other dessert teas or a chai instead.

  • Passion


    My go-to for iced tea because its flavorful and sans-caffeine, so I can have it whenever. A little lemon or lime juice is perfect in this.

  • Glazed Lemon Loaf Herbal Tea


    I enjoy this hot with a splash of coconut milk and a little honey. One of my fave dessert teas, especially because I can have the taste of my favorite Starbuck's baked good and not eat things I'm allergic to (gluten)

  • Christmas in Paris Herbal Tea


    I found loads of this at a discount grocery store. I didn't expect much because it seemed like no one was buying it. Lemme tell you, next time I made it to the store I bought it all. Soo delicious with a dairy/nondairy cream of your choice, (I use coconut milk) either a splash or made latte style. Its warm and romantic yet floral, it lives up to its name.

  • Pomegranate RaspberryGreen Tea


    One of my all time faves. I bought a big box because I drink so much of this one! I make it iced by the pitcher, with agave and a little lime juice. Take care to not steep this too long, 2 min max.

    Also great as a half tea/half lemonade!