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by adagio teas

 (20 reviews)

type: black

origin: sri lanka flavors

caffeine: strong

price level: $$$$

Depending on where you're from, you may either say 'car-a-mel' or 'CAR-mel.' Anyway you put it, though, our bright, tangy Ceylon black tea accented with rich notes of Caramel flavoring (sugar free, by the way!) is sure to have you saying, 'wow! that's good!' Rich, dark Caramel aroma, molasses notes. Dense and decadent cup, with a sweet, brown sugar aftertaste. Our natural Caramel flavor is vegan-friendly and doesn't contain any dairy ingredients. Steep at 212°F for 3 minutes

Recent reviews

    • Sky Kutil


      Oof this is just not great. Very astringent and no amount of milk or sugar helps.

    • Han


      This is nice! The flavor is good and the aroma is even better! I love the way this smells so much.

    • Rachel Emmel


      This tea definitley benefits from sugar and milk. I do wish the caramel was a bit stronger, but I also know from experience that it can be difficult to get a strong caramel taste with flavorants without it tasting too artificial. I did manage multiple steeps out of this though. Even if the second steep didn't really have the caramel flavor, it was still a nice black tea.

    • Galatea D


      I really loved this tea. I added 3 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk and stevia and turned it into a dulce de Leche latte. :)

    • Debbie Sellers


      A flavorful blending agent but solid on its own. Today I made a Latte with it woth half &half and a little honey.

    • MA

      Molly Adler


      This tea was pleasantly aromatic. The taste after brewing was not well blended. The addition of foamed milk enhanced the tea/caramel flavors to create a delicious treat.

    • Red Wolfe


      Not so good. Very bitter and astringent, even after brewing at a lower temperature.

    • Kimberly Hnatko


      I steeped low and quick to avoid bitterness and ended up with a weak but smooth and enjoyable cup of tea.

    • Anita Blake


      Rather good tea. No bitter aftertaste and goes well with honey

    • LL

      Larissa Leal


      The caramel flavor was overpowered by the flavor of the black tea.

    • melissa Dichiaro


      Pretty good caramel black tea. Nothing special and the flavor was pretty light. Wish it had a stronger flavor.

    • Ca U


      Decent caramel tea. I couldn't really taste the caramel flavor tho

    • Mocha Cocoa


      I feel like the caramel flavor is just too chemical, thus I can’t enjoy the tea

    • Kat I


      Decent caramel tea, hard to find ones that don't taste artificial. NOt overly caramel, but I prefer this to one that tastes fake.

    • TS

      Travis Stewart


      This was a decent tea but could have more flavor. I didn't notice much caramel flavor.

    • Ashley Lam


      I love bumping up the caramel flavor in other teas by adding in some of this caramel tea. Gives any cup of tea a nice warmth of flavor.

    • improbableZero


      Pretty good, but the caramel can be a little artificial-tasting.

    • Harper Appel


      quite good with milk, can be a little strange on it's own.

    • Snicky


      It's good, but I really can't taste any caramel notes. I will probably not order anymore of it.

    • Crystal Nicol


      If you have a sweet tooth and you're looking for something to have that isn't going to kill your calorie count then this tea is it. It is a great blend of Black tea and caramel flavoring. If you like the taste of the little square caramels you get a Halloween time then you'll really enjoy this tea. It is also delicious when topped with some cream and a touch of sweetener of your choice.