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by adagio teas

 (10 reviews)

type: green

origin: japan

caffeine: medium

price level: $$$$

Green tea from Japan that is rendered brown by roasting Bancha (a summer crop tea, harvested after Sencha) tea leaves. An Adagio customer favorite, with a toasty nutty flavor and slightly mesquite note. Earthy and warm quality, soothing, clean finish. Steep at 180°F for 2 minutes

Recent reviews

    • Michael M


      Nice toasted pine nut and vegetal, almost seaweed. Brothy and really rich.

    • Karie B.


      I really, really liked this. I typically want flavored green tea but this was nutty and warming and delicious.

    • AW

      Alexis Wolf


      The toasted flavor of this tea comes through really strongly, which I didn't love personally, but if you like roasted teas you'll enjoy this!

    • Red Wolfe


      I love the toastiness of this tea. There's no bitterness, and its a very unique green tea.

    • melissa Dichiaro


      This is an interesting green tea. Not really for me but if you like a toasty nutty green tea this may be for you.

    • Mocha Cocoa


      Love it. Very classic very pure. Great tea for every morning

    • Max Sugerman


      Im a big fan of hojicha tea and this is a great one. Its smokey and earthy while still maintaining a fresh green tea flavor

    • Katie DiBenedetto


      An amazing tea that took my by surprise. The flavor is toasty and nutty and so comforting.

    • Faith Pippenger


      This is a very unique green tea and I wasn't expecting the flavor I got. It's a lot earthier than most greens, but makes for a nice change from the more standard flavors.

    • Bailey Green


      Love love love the nutty notes! Hojicha is one of my favorite teas and the Hojicha from Adagio is one of my favorites!