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country peach passion

by celestial seasonings

 (10 reviews)
A blend of floral chamomile, aromatic citrus and sweet peaches give this brew a decadent peaches and cream flavor. Savor it both hot and iced.

Recent reviews

    • Alison O


      I’ve been drinking this tea since I was a kid. Delicious after dinner!

    • Givanna Robbins


      Aromatic, but I find the taste is weak and lessens a lot when it cools. Still a staple in my house and one that I reach for when I want to relax at night.

    • Jordan Koeller


      Tastes like peach. What more could you ask for? Add two satchels to one cup for a stronger taste

    • Kat I


      Wasn't a fan of this as a hot tea, but it makes a great iced tea. Often mix this with a few bags of Black tea and cold brew overnight.

    • Rivkae Winters


      This tea is delightfully peachy, and It'd have 4 stars if I really enjoyed fruity teas.

    • Beth Wiegand


      I usually don't care much for fruity teas, but this one is very pleasant, and nice and strong. I have also brewed it together with a black tea bag, which is delicious.

    • Yu-Hsin Liu


      Love this hot or iced, very natural peach flavor, the chamomile isn't overpowering in anyway which makes this a nice relaxing tea for those of us who don't like this taste of chamomile but want it's soothing properties

    • Ariana T


      A lovely peach tea- I like it well enough, but my dad absolutely adores it.

    • Finnigan Laky


      This is a great tea. Perfect iced. And you really can't go wrong with a peach tea.

    • Jennifer Han


      I enjoyed this as an iced tea. Can't go wrong with a peach tea.