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Meet your 2020 Election Day Winner, Campfire S'Mores. There is nothing quite as satisfying as roasting a fresh marshmallow over a campfire. We've captured the essence of this outdoor treat by blending black tea and chocolate with mini marshmallows for a hint of sweetness. Complete with a hint of smokiness from Lapsang Souchong to round out the entire delicious experience.

Recent reviews

    • 

      Definitely a favorite of mine as it is sweet and smokey with a beautiful color. It does not taste exactly like a smore it's more reminiscent of it, but I enjoy it a lot all the same as I did not expect a tea to replicate a smore exactly.

      Rebrews well, the first one will be the most chocolatey and sweet and it will dull out from there but still be a fantastic tea.

    • JM


      This is one of those never in s million years thought I’d like it teas, that I actually enjoyed. The smokiness is very faint, which the chocolate being one of the main flavors. My sample packet was missing marshmallows, but I added my own in for a nice treat. The overall flavor was slightly weak, but could be remified by adding more leaves or steeping slightly longer.

    • 

      I initially brewed this as suggested by the package (3min at 212F). I personally found this to be rather light for the first cup. The first thing I noticed was the smokiness. It's there, but not overpowering. Next I noticed a hint of chocolate and a light sweetness from the marshmallows. As my cup cooled I detected more toasty notes, possibly graham crackers?

      I decided to give this another steep for 5min at 212F to compare. I liked the longer steep time for this blend. It brought out the more subtle flavors. I don't usually drink tea with additions, but I found that some of the rock sugar (provided as a sample) enhanced the sweetness enough to get it closer to a S'mores flavor. I don't get S'mores in every sip, but it's a nice cup of tea.

    • 

      Not too shabby! If you're afraid of the lapsang, don't be - it's very gentle and won't kick your palette in the butt. It's just enough to be gently smoky. I like this piping hot with rock sugar and some milk.

    • CK


      I really didn't enjoy this tea, plain and simple. There were absolutely redeeming qualities, such as the smokiness being a boon for the complexity of the flavor profile but overall it just tasted like a chocolatey punch to the gut. The marshmallows being pork-based is 100% a huge drawback for tea-loving friends with dietary restrictions based on religion or ethics. Why make your marshmallows out of pork gelatin when so many individuals abstain from pork in particular? That's a huge deal for me. I absolutely won't be reordering based on the gelatin alone but missing out on the flavors doesn't make me upset about it.

    • EC


      This tea tastes very smoky, which isn't terrible in and of itself. But I unfortunately don't taste any chocolate or marshmallows. It's not an unpleasant tea, but it's just not that good. I wouldn't choose to drink it again.

    • 

      I didn't think I would like this because of the lapsang souchong, but I was pleasantly surprised! The strongest flavors to me were the vanilla and marshmallow. The smokiness was more prominent as it cooled.

    • 

      The scent of the unsteeped tea has the lapsang's signature smokiness. I was surprsied when the tea lost the scent once I started steeping, and it only stuck around as a light aftertaste. All said and told it tasted like a chocolate tea with just a hint of smoke. The second steep was even lighter on flavor - tasting more like a plain black tea.

      Steeped (1) 200F 3min, (2) 212F 4min

    • 

      I taste a mild chocolate flavor and a hint of what could be marshmallow, but none of the

      graham cracker or smokiness. Perhaps my sample was missing something.

    • 

      Brewed 212F for 3 mins with brown sugar added

      For some reason, I received a strong artificial smell upon opening the pack. I'm not sure where it is coming from, but that scent was almost chewing gum like. The wet leaves smell kind of like boiled cabbages or maybe like kale.

      I counted 3 chocolate chips and 4 marshmallows in my CommuniTEA pack. Perhaps more was needed to pull off this blend. If someone had given me this brewed tea without telling me what it is, I never would've guessed s'mores. To me it's just a decent, astringent black tea with a slight smoke to it. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm not finding any chocolate notes. I'm not even getting any hints of creme.

      I saw this tea back when it was being heavily advertised, and I'm super glad that I chose not to purchase even though it sounded tasty.

      I thought about giving another star since it isn't a terrible tea; aside from the slight smoke, there is nothing even vaguely s'mores-like in my cup.

    • 

      I really enjoyed this tea! It has a very rich chocolatey flavor.

    • 

      I'll say this to start; too many people buy these sorts of blends and then complain when they don't taste *exactly* like cake, or candy, or s'mores in this case. If you want to taste s'mores, eat a s'more. If you're looking for a smoky, chocolatey tea, you'll like this one. My 3 oz. bag of it's going pretty fast, because the lapsang and the chocolate go together really well.