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Sheridan C.  

User's reviews

  • Vanilla Chai Tea Bags


    This is my go to for bagged teas, I have never had this tea go bitter and I enjoy its flavor and smell very much. The smell is almost exactly like gingerbread.



    I personally really enjoy this tea, it has a strong flavor and smell without being overpowering or bitter.

  • Teaster Marshmallow


    I quite enjoy how cute the sprinkles are in this tea. It is also a very delicious green rooibos with a nice earthy tone.

    The first brew is quite sweet, the second less so and more rooibos focused, and by the third even the tea is a soft flavor with barely a hint of that initial sweetness.

    So each brew is a unique and lovely experience and it changes but keeps the same overall tone and earthiness to it due to the rooibos.

  • Spearmint


    I received this in the CommuniTea box and it is a really good spearmint tea. It has a nice strong flavor that isn't bitter or overwhelming.

    That being said minty teas are not my favorite, but even I can admit it is a good quality tea despite that.

  • Tiger Eye


    It is a good tea and it rebrews well. It tastes like a nice chocolate tea.

    To me it is very similar to this brands campfire smores which I enjoy a lot more. Maybe because it has chocolate chips and marshmallows, but I feel the campfire smores has a little something in the flavor department I personally prefer over this.

  • Campfire S'Mores


    Definitely a favorite of mine as it is sweet and smokey with a beautiful color. It does not taste exactly like a smore it's more reminiscent of it, but I enjoy it a lot all the same as I did not expect a tea to replicate a smore exactly.

    Rebrews well, the first one will be the most chocolatey and sweet and it will dull out from there but still be a fantastic tea.

  • Rooibos Vanilla


    It smells strongly of cough syrup when brewed but tastes nothing like how it smells. It is a great bedtime tea and tastes best after it has cooled for a bit.