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by adagio teas

 (13 reviews)

type: black

origin: sri lanka flavors

caffeine: strong

price level: $$$$

Looking to share something different with your tea friends? Surprise your friends by serving our refreshingly delicious Blackberry black tea. Bright, citrusy Ceylon black tea infused with sweetly tart blackberries is an adventure for your palate. Pleasantly sweet and bakey aroma, like fresh berry scones, floral-fruity aroma and slightly dry finish. Perfect hot or iced and an easy tea to blend with others, too. Steep at 212°F for 3 minutes

Recent reviews

    • Kim J.


      This tea definitely has a tartness to it. I highly recommend adding a sweetener to balance out the tartness.

    • Karie B.


      This one smelled great and tasted good. I over steeped mine a bit, may have to get a sample bag and try again.

    • Rebecca Haley


      I am realizing I am not a blackberry person. Had this one last night and I just couldn’t enjoy it. The blackberry scent came through, but the tea itself just didn’t work for me.

    • Galatea D


      With a little sweetner, this reminds me of blackberry syrup. Yum!

    • Kimberly Hnatko


      Not my favourite. It has an astringent taste. I would go for the blackberry sage oolong over this one.

    • Sky Kutil


      I personally hate this. It leaves a bitter medicinal aftertaste in my mouth and no amount of cream or sweetener helps.

    • Red Wolfe


      Would have preferred the taste of blackberry to be stronger, but it was pretty good.

    • Mocha Cocoa


      Decent blackberry tea. Strong flavor and taste. Yummy

    • melissa Dichiaro


      This tea is very good. Black tea base I find gets bitter if steeped too long but the blackberry is nice especially mixed with other flavors.

    • Amanda


      This tea definitely has a strong blackberry flavor and scent, but can get too bitter really quickly so it's not very forgiving with the steeping time. It's nice with some sugar, or even blended with the Adagio vanilla and/or cream flavored black teas to round out the flavor. My favorite way to make it was cold brewed, it made it much smoother and pulled out some of the natural sweetness.

    • Lydia Getgen


      All of the wonderful flavors of fruits with none of the astringency issues

    • Katie DiBenedetto


      A very nice tea, with a perfect flavor balance with the berry and the black tea. It gives it an almost sweetness that's very enjoyable.

    • Casey Covel


      There's nothing standard about this standalone blackberry tea. This has quickly become my favorite flavor on the market, and enjoying it in its purest form is a delight. It's aromatic, fruity, and filling. The flavorful aroma lingers in the glass long after the final sip. Also high in caffeine, which makes it the perfect cupful to start the day with.