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 (10 reviews)

type: black

origin: china

region: yunnan

variety: pu erh

ingredients: black tea

caffeine: strong

price level: $$$$

One of the five main types of tea (white, green, oolong and black being the others), pu'erh tea stands apart with its uncommonly soft earthy flavor and woodsy tones. Unlike all other teas, pu'erh (pronounced 'poo-err') is actually aged. The tea leaves go through a natural fermentation process before the tea is gently dried. This creates a cup with zero astringency and deep, rich body. Pu'erh is extraordinarily smooth and deeply refreshing. Our Pu'erh Poe (the shou variety of pu'erh) gives a clean, woodsy aroma, warm hay inside a barn, mushrooms and savory vegetables. Wilted flower notes and a faint dark chocolate texture. Mellow and grounding. If the flavor is too strong for you, simply dilute with water (which, interestingly, doesn't work for many other teas!) Pu'erh is extremely versatile - you can steep it for as little as 30 second or 30 minutes, whatever pleases your palate. It won't get bitter and is great for multiple infusions.

Recent reviews

    • 

      Earthy with a fresh dew aftertaste and a slightly floral finish. Absolutely no bitterness or astringency. A nice median between floral oolongs and spicier pu'erh teas.

    • JI


      Soo good. I absolutley love it!! One of my new favorites

    • EG


      Not a fast drinking tea, more of a sipping tea, and not necessarily an everyday tea for me. This was the first Pu-Erh I've tried, so each sip felt kind of like a mystery where I was trying to figure out what I was tasting! Overall kind of nostalgic and comforting, but complex! Has a nice woodsiness to the tea, with wild mushroom (maybe roasted) and aged leather as the strongest elements of the flavor for me.

    • 

      Someone said that the scent reminded them of horses and I have to agree. The teas smells vaguely like a stable, but more like the sawdust/sand mix used in a manege than the horse-smell of the stables themselves. While it's not necessarily a bad smell, it's definitely unusual. Otherwise the taste is deep and earthy and the caffeine makes it a good morning tea.

    • 

      I'm a huge pu-erh fan and this is a favorite of mine. Between the Dante and the Poe I enjoy this one the most!

    • 

      First pu-erh I ever tried, so keep in mind I don't have the most sophisticated palette. It's definitely interesting; I got it in a communiTEA box so at first I was startled at how dark it brewed. The flavor is strong and tastes very different from any tea I've ever had; no astringency and very smooth, with a woodsy flavor. Almost reminds me of camping. I feel like this could grow on me, but I'd probably only have it occasionally because it's just too much for me. It gets half a star knocked off for giving me a touch of heartburn.

    • 

      this is a decent tea for the price point. ill try again

    • 

      Very smokey, which may suit some. It's just alright for me.

    • 

      Not the best Pu Erh. It tasted like smoke more than earth

    • YV


      This tea is pretty good and nice in flavor and taste.