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Lydia May  

Grad student in Providence. Likes: cats and video games. Dislikes: unnecessary stairs and systematic oppression.

User's reviews

  • White Eternal Spring


    Tastes just like Teavana's Youthberry White. Great summer tea, but the fruit flavor is so overpowering that I can't really taste the tea itself. Still makes a relaxing, refreshing cup, though.

  • Organic English Breakfast Tea


    A unique spin on an old classic. English Breakfast has been a staple for me ever since I was a kid, and this is probably the best version of it I've tried. Brisk and strong, it wakes me without making me feel too anxious and wired. It has a unique floral aftertaste that I haven't found in other English Breakfast blends; maybe it's the Keemun? I highly recommend giving it a try if you're a fan of English Breakfast.

  • Moroccan Mint


    The description doesn't lie; this is the closest you can get to a true Moroccan mint tea experience outside of a Moroccan restaurant. It tastes almost exactly like the mint tea they serve at my old favorite Moroccan cafe. Light and refreshing, great for settling the stomach. Also works well iced.

  • Guizhou Twist


    Really glad I went back for a second infusion on this one. The first infusion was a bit too astringent for my taste, and I couldn't catch any of the grape or plum notes mentioned in the description. I'm glad I kept an open mind, because this tea really shines on its second and third infusions! Floral and fruity with a pleasant aftertaste.

  • Pu-Erh Poe


    First pu-erh I ever tried, so keep in mind I don't have the most sophisticated palette. It's definitely interesting; I got it in a communiTEA box so at first I was startled at how dark it brewed. The flavor is strong and tastes very different from any tea I've ever had; no astringency and very smooth, with a woodsy flavor. Almost reminds me of camping. I feel like this could grow on me, but I'd probably only have it occasionally because it's just too much for me. It gets half a star knocked off for giving me a touch of heartburn.

  • Jasmine Phoenix Pearls


    Simply phenomenal. Very aromatic with a light, floral taste. If you're only steeping it once, you're missing out; the flavor gets more complex with the second and third infusions.

  • White Blueberry


    Great white tea! The berry flavor is subtle and not at all overpowering. I taste the tea more than the blueberry. The flavors complement each other for a happy, uplifting drink. Adagio really knew what they were doing when they stuck a single serve packet of this in my order; I almost want to make another order just to buy more of this!

  • Melonberry Green


    Pleasantly subtle flavor, not as sweet as I was expecting from the smell. Can get 2 infusions out of it. It's pretty good hot, but I imagine it would really shine as an iced tea.

  • Lemongrass Ginger


    Not a fan. The flavors were unbalanced; the licorice root and ginger were too strong, whilst I could barely taste the lemongrass. I don't usually like licorice root anyway, though; if you do, this might be worth a try.

  • Peppermint


    High-quality peppermint. Great for relaxing and winding down, especially if you're congested or have an upset stomach.

  • Masala Chai


    Fantastic masala chai. Usually American masala chai blends are way too sweet and light on the cardamom and ginger, but with this bold and flavorful blend, I could taste all the spices. Made me energized and focused, yet warm and relaxed. Good for about 3 infusions.