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rooibos earl grey

by adagio teas

 (14 reviews)

type: herbal

origin: south africa rooibos

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

A classic blend with a twist, using South African Rooibos. Zesty fresh citrus aroma, slightly dry, with a rounded and balanced orange rind flavor. Pleasantly smooth texture from the Rooibos (not as dry and brisk as traditional Earl Grey made from black tea). Lingering citrus sweetness. Naturally caffeine free. Steep at 212°F for 5 minutes

Recent reviews

    • JM

      Jennifer M


      Rooibos teas are very good, this one was also very good, not one I would keep in my rotation though

    • Cassandra Cain


      i love drinking this before bed, i was pleased to not have an overly powerful orange flavor

    • TA

      Trent Arney


      I love earl grey, but the rooibos just didn't mix well. I wont buy again

    • Katherine Moore


      The bergamot flavor comes through very strongly and I love it.

    • MJ

      Michael Jacobson


      Medicinal in taste and smell, this is a complete warping of earl grey and simply does not work! It's both bitter and sickly sweet at the same time...

    • A. Wood


      This is just a bad blend. Artificial flavor. The rooibos alone is fine but the added flavor is bad

    • melissa Dichiaro


      A nice decaf earl grey. I’m not a big Rooibos fan but it isn’t too bad here.

    • Mikayla Jenkins


      A nice way to enjoy earl grey without the caffeine.

    • Lydia Getgen


      I love rooibos and I love earl grey. The two together is a unique experience

    • Brittany Falchek


      I love rooibos. I love earl grey. Unfortunately, I guess I just don't love them together.

    • Annie Katharine


      This tea is good, but i still prefer regular Earl Grey

    • Ashley Lam


      I think I just don't like Earl Grey tea. It's just a personal preference.

    • HL

      Hannah Loder


      This tea was alright. I personally did not enjoy the combination very much, but some people might.

    • KZ

      Kathrine Zelonka


      Good quality ingredients, but this combo didn't quite work for me. I found the sweet warmth of the rooibos at odds with the floral notes of earl grey.