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    This is distinctly different from other Earl Grey teas on the market. I love Earl Grey, and my initial reaction to this tea was one of disgust. However, I later realized that the problem wasn't the tea itself, but my preparation of it. I was preparing it like a normal cup of Earl Grey, and that ruined it. Once I tried it on its own, I was able to appreciate its uniqueness. So, if you love Earl Grey, give this a go, but be prepared to change up your routine.

  • Cucumber White


    I don't know why I bother buying anything Tazo makes, but I actually thought cucumber white sounded amazing. Like a combination that actually makes sense, unlike most of the stuff they come out with.

    I should have read the ingredients. They include black tea, lime peel, lime essence oil, lemon verbena, and peppermint. Cucumber isn't even in the first three ingredients: it comes in at #5.

    The only reason I'm giving it one star is because it actually is refreshing. Too bad it tastes absolutely nothing like cucumber. If you're looking for a citrus tea, this might be your thing, but if you want the subtly promised by the label, don't bother.