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earl grey moonlight

by adagio teas

 (50 reviews)

type: black

origin: sri lanka

caffeine: strong

price level: $$$$

By popular demand, we created this Earl Grey 'cream' blend. Comforting flavors of vanilla and cream combine to soften the citrus notes of traditional Earl Grey. Your taste buds will swoon at first sip of our Earl Grey Moonlight. Steep at 212°F for 3-5 minutes

Recent reviews

    • Max Sugerman


      This tea is great if you dont want to add any milk or sugar. Its lightly sweet and creamy on its own

    • Ashleigh Baan


      This is a wonderful earl grey tea with a very full and well-rounded flavor!

    • Jesse G


      One of my favs. Love to add a bit of lavender, makes the best cup of earl grey.

    • AL

      Andy La


      An excellent earl grey tea that i enjoyed. would buy again

    • Kaitlyn Elvin


      Not my favorite earl grey - kinda wish it had more bergamot. Still really yummy though, especially with milk.

    • Dr Laura A


      i was once a NO EARL GREY FOR me person - adagio has converted me to be an earl grey lover

    • Rebekah Strickland


      Decent, but not my favorite. I think it's too heavy on the bergamot, but it's really a personal taste question. The tea quality is good.

    • TA

      Trent Arney


      This tea was SOOO good. I would recommend to anyone

    • CK

      Cameron Kilchrist


      This tea is like cuddling up by a fire in the cold winter months; extremely cozy and satisfying. I only recently realized that my dislike of Earl Grey tea was due to subpar teabags, so this discovery was entirely better than I ever imagined it could be!

    • Han


      I like this earl grey better than the original earl grey bravo, but not as much as I like the full moon version. It's creamy, and made better with cream and sugar.

    • JI

      Julia Israel


      This tea is too die for!. I really, really love!!!

    • CB

      Crystal Bearden


      The vanilla adds a smoothness to temper the bergamot in this tea nicely. I like to blend it with a berry tea for a fruity London Fog.

    • Ca U


      I guess this tea is okay but just not my fav. I found the bergamot flavor too strong and fake

    • Korrin Malen-Anderson


      My new favorite fall tea! I add a splash of oatmilk and it is delicious!

    • Michael M


      Was excited for this one, but it fell short for me. Maybe I'm justvnot a very big Earl Grey fan. I found this overly-astringent.

    • AG

      Angela Green


      Best tea ever!! I need more than 5 stars. No matter what other teas I buy, I always have some of this on hand.

    • AW

      Alexis Wolf


      This is a wonderfully sweet earl grey tea! I would recommend this both to newer earl grey drinkers and to those who already love earl greys!

    • melissa Dichiaro


      I wanted to love this one but I found the vanilla to be very artificial and odd tasting.

    • Mikayla Jenkins


      Another lovely earl grey by adagio. One of my favorites for any day and any time.

    • Amanda


      This is such a nice early grey. The vanilla cream flavors really balance and mellow out the intense bergamot nicely. It also blends nicely with some of the berry flavored or other citrus black teas.

    • Jess Pham


      i'm a big big fan of this. tastes very creamy and reminds me of froot loops

    • CD

      Connie Dunn


      Anything with cream in it is my bestie. I’m all for the bite of Earl with the smoothness of vanilla and the rich buttery hit of cream. I like fatty, rich tastes so this satisfies my palette.

    • Genevieve Lohr


      This was the first tea I ever added to my now fairly large collection. And it remains one of my favourite teas. It is absolutely lovely paired with a scone or cookie.

    • LD

      Lydia Dschankilic


      This is without a doubt my favourite earl grey tea ever! It is so smooth, creamy and relaxing. Absolutely delightful.

    • Jane Rhodes-Williams


      Simply the best blend available! So smooth and creamy. Adagio is one of the only places that still uses cornflower petals in their E.G. Their customer service and shipping are great too!

    • Tabby Lane


      I really enjoyed this earl grey, bur I feel like it would be enhanced by adding lavender

    • ZH

      Zara Hovhanissian


      Love this tea. Tastes absolutely incredible and very flavorful. Also, is very calm for the heart, does not make you get heartbeat or sleepless even if you drink it late at night.

    • GS

      Gary Snook


      My favorite earl grey. Earl Grey has always been one of my favorite, fragrant tea. However, in many blends the bergamot would upset my stomach. Not this one! The creamy notes and floral aspects might not be ideal to everyone, but for me they were perfect. Great tea!

    • Joy Ruffa


      This is my favorite tea to drink! Black tea can be really dark and harsh, but the cream definitely lightens the flavor. The lavender mixed in is the perfect combination for my morning commutes: caffeine to get the day started and lavender to make me feel calm.

    • Maria Burns


      This one is awesome because it's so smooth. It's like meditation in a cup. A very soft mouthfeel!

    • Melissa Colburn


      One of my favorite iced teas. I brew it overnight in the fridge for about 14 hours (I find a full 24 to produce a bitter tea). Full taste and mouthfeel, refreshing on a hot day.

    • Ashley Lam


      I'm not fond of the corn flowers. Too floral for me.

    • KZ

      Kathrine Zelonka


      I adore this tea. The cream flavor is smooth and delicious, but not overpowering, with lovely floral notes.

    • Lydia Getgen


      This tea is delicious all around, and is perfect for London Fog

    • Christine Spilde


      One of my Favorite earl grey’s, it makes an excellent London fog latte and is just as good iced (if not better).

    • Rainbow Cheese


      A very floral blend with a sweet aftertaste! One of my favorite earl greys to date!

    • Jessica Deane


      This is one of my favorite earl grey's! It's nice and creamy, with a good balance of lavender (which is one of my favorites)!

    • Insurgent Insomniac


      I could personally do with a little less lavender, but it's one of my mother's favorites

    • KD

      Katie Deering


      Delicious sweet and creamy tea. Subtle flavor, a favorite for cool mornings but is also good iced.

    • Hannah Phillips


      Very lovely fragrant tea. Tastes as good as it smells, though I think it could use a little more vanilla and a bit more citrus. I may add some of my own dried orange and try it with vanilla creamer. It's a new favorite though!

    • Megan de Araujo


      The cream and vanilla in this tea make it fantastic. It softens the earl grey enough and gets rid of the slight edge to Earl Grey that I don't always want. This is definitely my new favorite Earl Grey. It is also delicious in blends!

    • JA

      Jennifer Anastasi


      I love Earl Grey but wanted to try something a bit different. I LOVE this tea. The vanilla adds something extra to the flavor and it's quickly become my go-to tea every morning!

    • India Lowery


      Another tasty tea. Very smooth and mellow. All you need is a splash of sweet cream coffee creamer.

    • jenny womack


      I'm not a huge earl grey fan normally, but I love earl grey moonlight...the cream tone mellows out the bergamot a bit for a smoother taste. Definitely recommend.

    • Sothis


      A lot of people think other earl greys are too strong. If that's the case, this WILL be a favorite earl grey. It's all the things you'd expect with the added creamy smoothness.

    • Oomi


      When I did drink Earl Gray, this one was pretty nice. But the vanilla and cream notes do overpower the earl gray in my opinion. However, it could just be my taste buds. Get a sample and see if I'm wrong

    • ES

      Emily S


      Definitely my all-time favorite earl grey. I love the way the cream and vanilla play with the bergamot to create the perfect cup- hot, cold, and with cream. It's a softer flavor than some other earl greys, which tend to be kind of sharp and astringent.

    • Snicky


      Delicious tea, it has a very "soft" flavor. Not quite as strong as other Earl Greys I have tried.

    • Braelin S


      probably my second favorite earl grey! has great flavors the blend very well to add up to a blissful cup of tea.

    • Jess Stark


      I found the creme flavor to be a bit over powering. But over all it was a very good cup of black tea. I just needed a little less honey since the creme was sweet.