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Anna T  

I like black India teas the best, also Mate blends, rooibos, chai and sometimes a pu-erh. White tea, green tea and fruity teas I prefer cold rather hot. Only late at night do I enjoy an herbal tea, one that induces sleep, with honey. Malty I like, astringent not so much. “Mouthfeel” is an important part of my enjoyment of tea, as much as flavor I think.

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    I enjoy black tea that is full bodied but not too astringent (not keen on pure Ceylon for instance). I like Eng and Irish breakfast so decided to try T of H version, and for a bagged cup of tea found it quite nice. Sort of a “Lady Grey” kick to it if memory serves. Not too acidic so it won’t leave your feelin’ dour at start of day.