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Satisfy your savory sensibilities with a touch of gold. Our Golden Turmeric Chai features earthy turmeric with the warming spiciness of ginger, and is softly sweetened by a blend of cinnamon, clove, and a hint of fennel. It finishes off with a slight fiery kick of black peppercorn. The suggested serving is one teaspoon per cup of water or milk of preference for a golden milk latte!

Recent reviews

    • 

      More like turmeric milk, this was extremely pale butter yellow when made into a golden milk latte, and the spice wasn't nearly as strong as I would have liked.

    • CK


      Don't really get a chai flavor initially, just in the aftertaste. Even in the bag, smells more like turmeric than anything else. Very strong turmeric flavor once brewed. I like turmeric, BUT I would recommend the turmeric bliss from Adagio over this one, it's lighter in flavor and the flavors int hat one mesh better, nothing overpowers the others.

    • EC


      I don't really like chai, but I do like turmeric tea, and this isn't bad at all! The chai spices are a mellow complement, so neither is overpowering. The cinnamon and spices don't smack you in the face like with some chais, and the turmeric is just right. Lovely color, lovely smell. I wouldn't choose this every day, but this is a nice tea.. It makes me feel very healthy to drink it :).

    • 

      Brewed 4 min @ 212°F with a little bit of rock sugar added

      Not bad, but not great either. This is a chai tea that I would drink if someone gave it to me, but I wouldn't go out of my way to purchase it. The spices tasted subtle, yet made my gums tingle at the same time.

      It also didn't settle well, but I'm not sure if that was because I was going through a bought of food poisoning or if it was actually from the tea.