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Michelle Levan  

User's reviews

  • Grapefruit Oolong


    Don't just move oolong!

    Stop and sip some tea with me!

    How about grapefruit?

    Fragrant of grapefruit

    Ingredients get oolong

    Breathe after each sip

    (haiku review)

  • Passionfruit


    I feel passionate

    PASSIONATELY, passionate

    About fruit tea blends

    A bit astringent

    But in a good black tea way

    Fragrant passionfruit

  • White Blueberry


    Sweet and light, cheerful

    A tea to sip mindfully

    Soft blueberry

    (Haiku Review)

  • Citron Green


    Green is on a ride

    Her friend, Citron, at her side

    Riding motorbikes!

    The race around town

    Weaving around the traffic

    Oh, what a fun ride!

    (Haiku Review)

  • Green Rooibos Key West


    Palm trees, caffeine free;

    Green leaves dancing in the breeze;

    Two cups, if you please!

    (Haiku review)

  • Fruit Medley


    Very flavorful!

    Tart mouthful, with berry end

    Hibiscus tea blend!

    (Haiku review)

  • Blood Orange


    Not really for me

    But my mom’s favorite tea

    Strong, flavorful, tart

    (Haiku review)

  • Cherry Green


    I enjoy this cherry blend! Would recommend :). Sometimes more cherry sometimes a hint more rose, always green :)

  • White Symphony


    Soft and gentle, all teas do not have to be overly powerful. Enjoyable and relaxing!

  • White Pear


    Soft, gentle, and sweet. A calm and relaxing tea!

  • Coconut Grove Pouchong


    A very tropical blend! Slightly that the word that seems negative and I do not mean it to be. I am enjoying my pouch!

  • Golden Turmeric Chai


    Definitely makes a golden milk, if I needed turmeric in my diet this would be a pleasant way of getting it. Not quite a cup i enjoy by itself, though.

  • Mocha Nut Mate


    Rich, full of nutty and chocolatey notes, and delicious with creamer, a favorite!

  • Decaf Peach


    A favorite! So amazing as a latte with cinnamon sprinkled on top, am I making you thirsty?

  • Rooibos Cocomint


    Wow! This is a super unique tea, created it's own category. Would recommend!

  • Rooibos Peach


    I find I prefer the decaf peach, but this is a solid and juicy tea! Recommended for rooibos drinkers everywhere!

  • Decaf Apricot


    I LOVE this tea! It will be a staple in my cupboard. Who would have known, sweet, decaf, and awesome, excellent with or without creamer :)

  • Pu erh dante


    Best with a wash of the leaves first in hot water, tasted rich and earthy, and enjoyable combination!

  • Jasmine Chun Hao


    Super fragrant, rather delicious, does have a tendency to be astringent, I drank this grandfather style and kept adding hot water across the day, yummy!

  • Honeybush Chocolate


    Caffeine free, yay! Yummy, rich, and solid base tea for playing with!

  • White Chai


    Spicy and refreshing. A warming cup of tea, it somehow blends lightness and warmth together!

  • Candy Cane


    Will have to play with brew times, enjoyable smell upon opening, but not quite the flavor i was picturing.

  • Bella Luna Blue


    So unique. Love the color, and make it in my clear glass mug, just to enjoy it more, sometimes with lemon, sometimes without, magical! I do use more measured tea for a great cup (an extra teaspoon, or two)!

  • Teaster Marshmallow


    So cute! Great for grown ups too! I have enjoyed each cup i have made and am savoring the last few, so I don't run out!

  • Sleeping Dragon


    Got a sample of this, love the name! Solid green tea, well worth the try, but I tend to stick with decaf teas... Sigh

  • Decaf Blueberry


    Loved the sample, had to order more! Delicious smell and excellent taste! My sister recommended it to me, and I shared with our mom, who also ordered!

  • Rooibos Nutcracker


    Ordered it twice :). Unique flavor, and pretty smell. Enjoyable cup of tea.

  • Lemon Meringue Green


    Loved the smell, but will have to play with the brew time, may have overdone it! I have plenty to play with!

  • Decaf Vanilla


    Sweet! Perfect, mellow, vanilla tea. First cup, I wasn't sure, but following cups sold me on it. Good straight or with vanilla creamer.

  • Decaf Ceylon


    Decaf!!!! I need to drink only decaf teas, this is perfect when I want a good, plain old tea (not flavored)!

  • Almond Oolong


    Solid tea, good alone or with vanilla creamer. Mild almond flavor is sweet.

  • Decaf Hazelnut Cinnamon Creme


    My favorite to to tea, I buy in bulk! Upon opening the bag, the smell is amazing. I drink this one with vanilla creamer pretty much daily.

  • Masala Chai


    This tea, which I had a sample of in my first order sold me on loving Adagio tea, spicy, amazing straight or with vanilla creamer!