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 (11 reviews)

type: oolong

origin: china

caffeine: medium

price level: $$$$

Milk Oolong is a relatively new cultivar in the delicious world of Taiwanese teas and is prized for its inherent cream and butter notes. Lower quality versions have these notes enhanced through aromatization but the finest, true Milk Oolongs offer lightly roasted, rolled leaves that yield a light-bodied cup with sweet buttery texture and delicate floral aroma. Also called Jin Xuan or Golden Lily, it is ideal for multiple infusions and a dedicated Yixing teapot. Steep at 195°F for 2-3 minutes

Recent reviews

    • JM


      one of my favorite oolongs. very distinct taste. creamy and buttery.

    • 

      very unique tea! i suspect if i was more of an oolong fan, this would be a favorite

    • 

      Very good oolong tea. Creamy and rich and pleasant

    • 

      I absolutely understand why this is called milk oolong. Smooth and creamy, a lovely tea.

    • 

      Wow this is mind blowing. So great. I’m glad I got to try it

    • KK


      This tea is a favorite of mine. I love oolong's to begin with, but this one is so smooth and creamy I could almost drink it plain, but add a drop of cream and it's heavenly!!😻💖

    • 

      A favorite of mine. I love oolong tea and this one is very unique.

    • TS


      I really enjoyed drinking this tea. It has a very good and unique flavor. I would definitely recommend trying this one.

    • AS


      so far our favorite!!

      nice flavor

      not harsh


    • 

      Milk oolong is very pricey and hard to find. Adagio's is no exception. Its great and really different than other teas. Really expensive but worth a try