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white peach

by adagio teas

 (25 reviews)

type: white

origin: china

caffeine: light

price level: $$$$

White Peach tea combines this Southern gem of a fruit with delicate, naturally sweet white tea from the Fujian province in China. Flowery peach-nectar aroma, juicy and very ripe flavor, slightly dry finish (just like peach fuzz!). Enjoy White Peach hot or iced and don't blame us if you become hooked! Steep at 180°F for 3-5 minutes

Recent reviews

    • Lisa McCormick


      Delicious and refreshing as an iced tea - a definite go-to

    • Galatea D


      Delicious. Clear flavor

    • Karie B.


      This is a very nice, light cup of tea. I however want the peach to be a bit stronger. I ALWAYS want the peach stronger though.

    • A. Wood


      Very good peach tea with light content of caffeine from the delicate white tea leaves

    • melissa Dichiaro


      Very light tasting white tea. The flavor was very mild but smooth. I prefer a stronger flavored tea.

    • Joy Gowan


      It seems to have only a mild peach flavor to me. I’ve received it as a sample. Not sure I would buy it though.

    • Mocha Cocoa


      Love it. Right amount of flavor and caffeine. My everyday cup of tea

    • A. Brown


      Clear, light peach flavor that comes through on top of white tea flavor. Sweet enough to drink without sugar and not too floral.

    • Cassandra Guild


      I am not a fan of white tea, but this one is great! It has a really strong peach flavor. I think it tastes best iced with a little sugar.

    • Amanda


      I've received this as a sample with my order a few times now, and each time I try it at different temperatures and steep time but it always ends up too bitter. It smells really nice in the package, but the peach flavor is very faint and I mostly just get bitter without any of the nuanced flavors of plain white peony.

    • MJ

      Michael Jacobson


      This tea has a delicate peach flavor complimented by the white tea. Peach is definitely one of my favorite flavors so I can't help but enjoy it!

    • Sky Kutil


      I just really didn’t get any flavor at all from this tea. It definitely wasn’t the best of the teas I’ve tried from Adagio.

    • Jess Pham


      this has just the right amount of peach! it's great hot, and i'm excited to see what it tastes like iced

    • Mandi B


      This has quickly become a favorite tea! I loved it hot or iced!! Living in the desert, having the options for both out of the same tea is great. It kind of reminds me of the peach green tea from SB, without the price tag and the ability to sweeten as much or as little as you'd like.

    • Red Wolfe


      Very good tea. It's mellow and refreshing, great if you like peach.

    • Krista S


      I love Adagio’s peach tea. If you want something a bit lighter on the caffeine scale, this is a good blend for you. I’ve only tried it hot, but definitely want to try it iced sometime soon! 🍑🍵😍

    • Annie Katharine


      Very light and not overbearing, i enjoyed it as an iced tea.

    • TS

      Travis Stewart


      This tea was pretty good. It was a little too light for me and I wish the peach flavor was a little stronger.

    • Max Sugerman


      It reminded me of a watered down snapple. Not a lot of flavor

    • Faith Pippenger


      A sweet and mild tea. The peach isn't too pronounced but this way it doesn't overpower the white tea.

    • Sara Ferris


      Subtle but juicy peach flavor. The flavor was more pronounced when iced.

    • Samantha Ball


      This is a very nice, light peach tea that is delicious iced.

    • K C


      Not too sweet and not too grassy. Nice light, refreshing peachy flavor.

    • Madison Rupprecht


      I do enjoy this tea as it is very light and refreshing however, I did expect the peach flavor to be a bit stronger. The smell of the tea reminds me of the candy peach-os!

    • TA

      Tracie Anderson


      Very good tea. It is light and refreshing. I drink it when I'm chillaxing