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Mandi B  

User's reviews

  • White Peach


    This has quickly become a favorite tea! I loved it hot or iced!! Living in the desert, having the options for both out of the same tea is great. It kind of reminds me of the peach green tea from SB, without the price tag and the ability to sweeten as much or as little as you'd like.

  • Summer Rose


    The rose is a bit over powering on it's own. I did find that i enjoy it with milk, honey and vanilla added to it....which tones down the rose flavor.

  • Earl Grey Lavender


    The perfect Earl Grey for an Earl Grey latte! I love how the flavors blend together and add a splash of vanilla syrup, and steamed milk to create one of my favorite SB drinks at home.

  • Earl Grey Bella Luna


    It's alright. I'm not sure what is lacking but i feel like something is missing from this tea. I've tried it on its own, doctored up with honey and milk, and vanilla syrups ect...but it just isn't an Earl Grey that I seem to enjoy...and I love Earl Grey teas overall.

  • Honeybush Vanilla


    This was my very first tea I ever tried, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. The flavors are fantastic, its great on its own, with a little milk and honey, or a spash of brandy for those winter nights. This is my go - to after dinner tea.

  • Jasmine Phoenix Pearls


    My favorite Green tea of all time. It's amazing on its own with a little honey, or mixed with another tea like Honeybush Vanilla to add a little different flavour to the profile. I love that a little goes along way with this tea, and i can reuse the leaves for 2 or 3 cups.

  • Foxtrot


    One of my go to teas for evening reading. It smells delicious and is great sweetened or unsweetened depending on your mood.

  • Scottish Breakfast


    Great for those morning when you wake up unsure of what year it is because you slept so deeply that you'd love to curl back up and pass out again. Strong and robust flavors. I add honey, and milk and keeps me going all day.