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blood orange

by adagio teas

 (18 reviews)

type: herbal

origin: usa

caffeine: no-caffeine

price level: $$$$

The Blood Orange is a culinary favorite, with its deep vibrant color and sweet, tangy flavor. A perfect ingredient for a refreshing herbal blend! Our Blood Orange tea pairs Blood Orange peels with hibiscus flowers and rose hips for a naturally sweet, caffeine-free flavor. Rich, hearty and tangy, with a good balance of orange peel dryness and fruit juiciness. Steep at 212°F for 5-10 minutes

Recent reviews

    • Annie Katharine


      I really like that this tea is flavorful but not sour.

    • Max Sugerman


      The name delivers on this one. Intense blood orange flavor, really zippy and tart

    • Alice W


      Very bold citrus flavor. One of my favorites!

    • Lindsey Johnson


      Love a good citrus tea! Very bold flavor with this one!

    • Ashley Lam


      Not my favorite. I will try to add other flavors into it to make it better.

    • Katherine Moore


      Strong and zesty. If you don't like very bold teas, this one may not be for you, but it's great for me!

    • Savannah Shanton


      Good flavour. I really enjoyed this tea. Might order again.

    • Christopher Sillers


      Good citrus flavor. Deep rich color. Definitely a favorite.

    • Ryan Jason


      Delicious herbal tea with a nice blood orange flavor. It mixes well with other fruity teas as well. I always have some of this around. It makes for the perfect iced tea!

    • Rainbow Cheese


      On of my favorite teas of all time, the blood orange flavor really shines through with this one

    • KK

      Kathleen Krisher


      A little weak on flavor, I was kinda disappointed. Also, the ingredients swell quite a bit when they reconstitute in water, so using a single cup infuser gets crowded. Not really a problem, just a heads up.

    • Samantha Ball


      The hot version is too bitter, you really need to cold brew this one.

    • Jessica Deane


      I admit that I haven't tried this hot yet, but that's only because I love the iced tea version so much! It's our summer staple in our house!

    • LL

      Leona Lawrence


      This has a very good flavor of citrus yet sweet. One of our favorites! I couldn't get 5 stars when I rated. It quit at 4.5 but it is a 5.

    • Blayne Cook


      Not my favorite, though not bad. The orange flavoring overpowers the real orange

    • Casey Covel


      Sweet, tangy, and rich without being sour, bitter, or pungent. This tea is perfect for a succulent, caffeine-free evening or ideal for icing and sipping during the summer. As a bonus, it also makes a great Halloween tea due to its name and color! If you're a fan of fruit teas, put this one on your list right away.

    • Crystal Nicol


      I'm a huge blood orange fan and this tea does not disappoint. I've even mixed it with some chocolate tea from Adagio and it tasted like a Terry's Orange milk chocolate.

    • Jess Stark


      Very nice smell and great red color when brewed. I got it mostly to mix with chocolate tea and it did not disappoint.