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Stacey Ramos  

User's reviews

  • Citron Green


    The flavors from the citrus notes and green tea blend together well in this tea and I think anyone who enjoys fruity green teas would love this. I tend to veer more towards vegetal Japanese greens over Chinese ones, that tend to be much lighter, though. Just personal preference.

  • Blood Orange


    I'm very surprised to see so many sub-par reviews for this tea. I found it to be boldly tart and refreshing. There are some very bright notes in here, very good for a pick-me-up. I had this hot, but imagine it would be wonderful over ice too.

  • Wild Strawberry


    YUM!! Superbly refreshing. The perfect fruity, herbal tea. Excellent over ice!

  • Pu-erh Chorange


    This was just the right balance between dark chocolate and orange. Orange is a compliment to the chocolate notes, rather than the other way around. Reminiscent of a mocha Valencia latte.

  • Chocolate Chai


    Had a cup of this in store and LOVED every sip of it. To me, this is the perfect blend of chocolate and chai- definitely a smoother, dessert-y chai as opposed to a spicy, full-bodied one.

  • Chocolate Chai Pu Erh


    One of my absolute favorite dessert teas. Excellent hot or iced, with or without cream. Beautiful deep, dark chocolate notes that can be savored.