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Jessica Deane  

User's reviews

  • Rooibos Vanilla


    When I first started drinking tea, vanilla tea was exclusively what I drank. Although I've branched away from that, it's nice to go back to a staple occasionally. This is a good vanilla tea, without being basic.

  • Scottish Breakfast


    It's stronger in flavor than an Irish Breakfast tea. Although it is not something I would usually go for, it's nice to have it in my tea rotation to break up the monotony a bit. If you like things like English breakfast and Irish Breakfast, but want a stronger punch to it, this is for you!

  • Thai Tea


    I bought this in an attempt to recreate Thai iced tea at home (I got a bubble tea kit for Christmas). Although it works in a pinch, it definitely is not the same as what you traditionally can get. It's a standard level of good--nothing overwhelmingly amazing, but not horrible.

  • Rooibos Lemon Cloud


    This is my go-to tea if I am feeling a little under the weather! Any time I have a sore throat, it really helps. If you add some rock sugar, it gives it a taste similar to a lemon angel food cake.

  • Maple Creme Oolong


    It's needs a little more maple flavor, but I still love the spice and cream taste that comes through. It's a good tea if you want those Fall flavors without overpowering yourself with spice.

  • Blood Orange


    I admit that I haven't tried this hot yet, but that's only because I love the iced tea version so much! It's our summer staple in our house!

  • Earl Grey Moonlight


    This is one of my favorite earl grey's! It's nice and creamy, with a good balance of lavender (which is one of my favorites)!