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Katrina Quoka  

I am obsessed with tea and health. I am here now.

User's reviews



    This tea was my absolute favorite. I would mix it with Dragonfruit Devotion and make a Dragon Bomb Tea. It was my favorite.

  • Brigadoon Breakfast


    Horrible. The smell when I first opened it made my nose hurt, the taste? Was so bitter i had to put so much sugar in it, it simply became unhealthy



    Before Teavana closed and Starbucks destroyed what was left, this was my go to green tea. Amazing and sweet and smokey and smooth. Curse you starbucks

  • Cherry Green


    Cough syrup tastes better. I wanted this to be a nice cherry floral green tea, instead it was cough syrup that made my toes curl

  • Sleeping Dragon


    Not as good as other pure greens i've had but this tea is still pretty pleasant. it's not crisp like I like it, but the smooth smokey hint makes up. The unfurling gives many more resteeps that makes the cups last.

  • White Strawberry


    The strawberry wasn't very strong in this white tea. Perfectly fine for a nice hot cup, needs more to blend with to have an iced cup. Is an amazing base, but needs help

  • White Eternal Spring


    This tea is amazing hot or cold. Personal preference is cold, but I blend this with the fuzzy naval and enjoy the tea both hot and iced. With just a hint of sugar to make the berries stand out. An amazing tea

  • White Fuzzy Navel


    This is a fun tea to have cold. That's the biggest preference for it for this family. It's a great tea to have buy itself, the orange very soft. But so much better blended or cold

  • White Strawberry Basil


    This is an honest favorite. The strawberry is nice and soft but the basil shines during the hot cups. When cold, the berry shines through