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Shalei Benjamin  

I am a huge tea geek as well as being an actual geek. Doctor Who, Harry Potter, you name it. I am also a book dragon.

User's reviews

  • Berry Creme Compote


    Tastes like a delicious dessert. I will caution against using cream because it does curdle a bit



    Tastes delicious and warm. A very good tea to drink when it's raining and cold outside

  • Bella Luna Blue


    I'm so glad I bought this one. The Lemongrass blends perfectly with the blueberries and It's super fun adding lemon juice to it, which not only gives it a slight tart flavor, but also turns the tea pink or purple because of how the butterfly pea flower meshes with the acidity

  • Candy Cane


    Honestly tastes like a candy cane to me. It just blends so well

  • Gingerbread


    I had it for the first time during Christmas and it tastes like I'm drinking a liquid gingerbread man. It's very festive and the ginger is perfect .

  • Lemon Meringue Green


    This tea tastes like Froot Loops without the sugar. It's delicious and tastes like spring to me.

  • Bonfire


    This is a very warm and soothing flavor. It really is a great fall tea

  • Sleeping Dragon


    This tea really hits the spot! It has a very earthy and energizing flavor to keep you going

  • White Blueberry


    I received this tea as a sample and would totally buy it. It's very fragrant and flavorful

  • Earl Grey Bella Luna


    I love how the earl grey blends with the coconut. It's creamy and smooth