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    Like Bill the Cat coughing up a hair-ball, this tea was totally underwhelming. It gave me the impression it was there base chocolate tea and flavoring.. which left a bad lingering taste. This is below MEH

  • CHAI


    iz okkkay, but if your going to get a chai from Harney Get the Indian Spice Tea which is better than this blend



    pooy yuck, bad can taste the flavoring that cant be disguised as what it is... Flavoring

  • Indian Spice


    This is a deep dark chai for me. A good stand-bye and well balanced. Personally I like it better than their Chai blend based on the deep texture

  • Grumpus


    So you the doc has sworn you off coffee or you just like the deeper darker fuller body teas. Tried Adagio's Gaucho Mate Chai but it wasn't quite there? Grumpus is THE gateway tea for coffee drinkers. A black tea blend to get you going, Cocoa Shells to soften the impact. Chicory Root, Cardamom, Dandelion Root adds a little edge and complexity. Its complex soft and pleasing to the palate. You wont be the "Grizzled Sasquatch" stumbling towards the'll be the predator..taking hold of projects and herding rampaging bands of cats with a sip of this tonic.

  • Calcifire


    Wanna be rocked without caffeine? This is the thing. I'd call it a chai, a spicy chocolaty chai with a deep undertone. Take a risk

    If your looking for that blend that helps you maintain your sanity through tough times but can't take caffeine? This is the SHIZNIT. Zathrus also says "This is the one" Are you feeling drained, tired, rundown? Is the stress getting you down causing your life force to ebb and flow from your body?Wait no longer to try Austin and Malanie's secret restorative elixir of life. Ladies it has CHOCOLATE and Cinnamon to get your blood flowing. Orange peel to bring back the sun. Coconut to remind you of sand beneath your feet on your last trip to Cabo and the swim up bar. Gents you're not has chicory and cayenne to stoke the fire in tar belly. Try may seem an odd concoction but like many things brought together in Vermont ...It just works

  • Chocolate Chai Pu Erh


    Zathrus Say's "This isn't the one" but its good none the less. One of the better complex chocolate chai teas out there. Better than Adiago's own chocolate chai IMHO and better than anything Harney's has or my local shop. In lieu of David's Chili Chai...this has been my favorite caffeinated chocolate based chai.



    David's lost me as a customer when they stopped making this tea. I would travel across the state to get it. It had a hefty flavor of chocolate, spices and kick of pepper that would warm my tummy..or maybe it was the developing ulcer going through a pound every week and a half. It was bar none my favorite tea. Anyway, I haven't found a replacement for this

  • Thai Chai


    This is a different experience but better than Mr. Toads wild ride. It is unique, soft and best served with cream in my book. The coconut-lemongrass-Saigon cinnamon works. It's softer than a masala but more complex and easier on the palate

  • Gaucho Mate Chai


    This is a different tea..I'd go so far as to say it's a gateway tea for reluctantly withdrawing coffee drinkers. If your looking to transition off coffee..this may be the first 3 steps of your 12 step program to coffee withdrawal. Its heavy, deeper, complex and dark... it's a chai with a south of the border skew that works and makes it interesting. I take it with cream

  • Spiced Apple Chai


    Knocks your socks off and puts hair on your chest. If you can tolerate the apple base, this will get you going in the morning and keep you running at night. If your into spice, the apple cushions the impact of the spice blend. You may not want to add sugar but I do with cream and this keeps me going into the wee hours of the night

  • Earl Grey Moonlight


    IMHO Consistently Adagio's best soft Early Grey that outshines Bravo as well as Bella Luna. Bests Harney's Earl Grey Supreme by a mile. A fuller body than most with creamy undertones and Bergamot that balances the blend. Its my go to Earl Grey