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User's reviews

  • Lavender Lemon


    A good tea for relaxing with. The bite of the citrus helps balance out the floral for a tea that's kind of sweet and nice. How much you like it depends on if you like lavender or not.



    Pretty good. I have had genmaichas that have been tastier and less expensive, however, and I think this company's blend is a little too bitter overall.

  • monster mash


    I absolutely love monster mash, I wish they would let us buy it without having to buy a whole sampler pack.

  • Healthy Cycle (PMS Tea)


    Tasted like hay. Alleviates cramps a little, but not enough to be worth drinking I think.

  • Echinacea Plus


    Not sure how effective this really is. However, I did think it was tasty.

  • Gypsy Cold Care


    It works ok. I wish they would change the name to something less offensive.

  • Nighty Night


    This tea tastes pretty bad, and I hate the smell. However, it works really well at relaxing me and helping me go to sleep.

  • cherry blossom


    It got bitter pretty easily, but when I cold brewed it, it turned out pretty nice.



    This is my favorite tea. It's smooth and minty. I wish they had it more often.