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Ash Mao  

User's reviews

  • Darjeeling Spring Tip


    This is not the best Darjeeling Tea I've ever had, but it was still quite good. I found that brewing it for 5 minutes made the flavor a bit more pronounced.

  • White Peony


    This is a perfect standard for good white tea. It has a lovely subtle flavor, and in spite of the softness of the flavor, it can be brewed several times over. Just make sure you brew it as Adagio recommends, with water about 180 degrees Fahrenheit, not boiling water.

  • Fujian Rain


    This is a fantastic Oolong. I can't get enough of the rocky flavor. Personally, I would say that this tea is significantly nicer when brewed for a shorter period of time. 2 minutes at 195 degrees Fahrenheit does it for me.

  • Green Tea


    One of the worst teas I've ever had. I'm not much a fan of Lipton's black tea, but this is just terrible. It's mildly bitter and with no other flavor.

  • Egyptian Licorice Tea


    Lovely stuff to have around when you have a sore throat. Personally I find it works better at soothing than medicated spray, though with a short lasting effect. I don't mind drinking this stuff throughout the day though, because it tastes great. This is real licorice flavor, slightly spicy.

  • Yunnan Golden Curls


    My personal favorite black tea. It's very smooth, with very little astringency, and nice flavor. A classic type of black tea. The flavor is well described in Adagio's description.

  • Black Tea


    Well, it's Lipton black. It's the most basic tea you can possibly imagine. It tastes bland and bitter, and not much else. At least it's inoffensive.