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Julia J Cosplay  

I'm a tea-loving nerd/geek with more fandoms than I know what to do with! My favorite teas usually are either some type of Chamomile or Earl Grey. I love playing videogames, cosplaying, crafting, movie-watching and meeting new people so feel free to join my discord and we can chat about tea and fandoms!

User's reviews

  • Honey Vanilla Chamomile


    I can’t seem to find this blend anywhere anymore and it was my very favorite. I just love the honey flavor with the chamomile. Next time I see a box I am absolutely going to stock up.

  • Sleepytime Vanilla


    My favorite blend of chamomile and vanilla. Relaxing right before bed with an undertone of vanilla flavor. A wonderful combination.



    Good if you have an upset stomach but otherwise I don’t particularly drink just to enjoy it.

  • Cinnamon Apple Spice


    A bit too spicy for my preference but if anyone likes a spicy apple tea, this is the tea for them!

  • Organic Earl Grey Tea Bags


    Brews a very strong earl grey tea. I would under-steep it for myself. I love the flavor it has but it also is easily turned bitter.

  • Vanilla Bean Tea Pouches


    This tea is so good when steeped just right. It is deceptively powerful and I need to steep it at 30 seconds or it gets extremely bitter. I can get about 8 cups out of one teabag by lightly steeping each cup. The vanilla then can shine through and is very smooth and wonderful.



    Easily my favorite earl grey I have ever had. This is my go-to tea whenever I need a bit of a pick-me-up.



    My favorite tea of all time. I have had this all my life and I used to absolutely love it with milk and sugar, but now I can enjoy it just on its own. Perfect for relaxing with and winding down while getting ready for sleep. Can't recommend this tea enough.

  • Sleepytime Classic


    One of my all-time favorite teas. When I need to relax before heading to bed, I make a cup of this and on a cold night it makes the perfect hand-warmer. Both the chamomile smell and the taste help me wind down and get a good nights rest. Can't recommend this tea enough.