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Heather Dorsey  

I am a 'tea-evangelist!' I share my love of tea with anyone I come across. I always ask new co-workers, friends, and others 'Do you like tea?' My mother tries to warn people that I will try to convert them from coffee to tea. When I'm not spreading the 'gospel' of tea I'm teaching school, reading, and playing with my cats.

User's reviews

  • Peach Oolong


    This is one of the best peach teas I've ever tasted! I love that it is an oolong tea rather than a black tea. I think it is the oolong that makes this tea stand out from other peach teas. I love to drink this tea hot. However, I recently cold brewed this tea and drank it iced and it was divine!

  • Maple Creme Oolong


    This is a wonderful oolong tea. The maple doesn't overwhelm the oolong. It is a smooth tea and perfect for Autumn.