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Ann Hammel  

User's reviews

  • Gunpowder


    Smooth green tea, deliciously basic; don't oversteep. It tastes fresh and crisp - I could drink it every day, all day.

  • Elizabeth by Susanne Sholander


    Delightful tea! I relaxed the minute I started drinking it. It has a lovely mix of flavors with no bitterness.

  • Jasmine Phoenix Pearls


    Not for me; this tea was in a sample pack and I took a few sips and although it came across as smooth, I did not like the flavor enough to finish it. It's all about personal taste, I'm sure others may love it. I think that 'perfumy' might be one adjective to describe it, unpleasant in my mouth or somehow between my mouth and my nose.

  • Keemun Concerto


    I recently found an unopened sample of Keemun Concerto in my tea drawer. I've never been so excited to find an unexpected tea. It's so smooth - exactly what I love in a good tea. It's not overpowering in any way, somehow it's slightly smoky and sweet without really being either; it's replacing my longtime green tea-only habit. I just ordered the big bag.