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Jacqueline Victor  

User's reviews

  • Scottish Breakfast


    This is my favorite black tea from Adagio, and I have tried many. It's not quite as lovely and striking as Golden Monkey, nor as dark and complex as Yunan Noir (two of my other favorites), and yet it's the everyday tea that I keep coming back to. Even the initial aroma of the unbrewed leaves is inviting, layered with a fruity overtone that makes me think of apricot. I prefer to drink coffee in the morning, so this is actually an afternoon tea for me. I usually drink it without milk because I prefer a strong tea, but if you like milk in your tea it's quite good that way too. I enjoy exploring different teas, and I go through green tea phases as well, but I've found myself coming back to the Adagio Scottish Breakfast for years now and it has never disappointed me.