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Daniel Baber  

Postmaster’s Coffee Co, a new coffee and tea shoppe in Jacksonville Texas. A husband and wife team who prefer different beverages. Janet loves coffee while Daniel never drinks coffee, only tea, all kinds of tea. Book an event or tea party, or come to the medical spa for the cutting edge in laser and aesthetic treatments and have a cup of tea. We sell tea as well as offer fresh baked in house treats. The building is a historic landmark of a post office from 1933.

User's reviews

  • Sencha Premier


    I do like the Sencha teas and this one has a good sweet, spring flavor. It is not as expensive as some so one can add extra for the steep of a strong flavorful cup.

  • Lychee Rose Green


    A short steeping and a good lychee flavor. One of the coworkers like it as well even though not a big tea drinker.

  • Chocolate Truffle


    May staff got this for me for Christmas. I was surprised it was so good. I had imagined you couldn’t get enough chocolate flavor to satisfy, but Adagio did. I have gifted to several friends and they all enjoy it as well.

  • Golden Monkey


    Superb most of the time. For those who find it astringent steep for 3 to 4 minutes. Most black teas I do for 5, but I go less with this one. I will try the Harney and Sons one someday, but costs twice as much, and hard to believe it could be better.