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Valerie Farschman  

I decided to hold more tea parties in 2020 as a way to connect with friends (sadly this ended after my St. Patrick's tea party due to Covid-19). I love tea. I am a retired high school English teacher and Drama Director. When not involved in theatre (I am still directing at the Junior High school) I like to read (play scripts, non fiction, and fantasy), travel, camp, kayak, garden (fairy) and monitor Eastern Bluebirds with my husband, Fred and our dog Barley. I also volunteer as a Red Coat usher for Cleveland's Playhouse Square, where I love greeting and helping people, then get to see some awesome productions.

User's reviews

  • Jolly Roger


    The dry ingredients have a sweet apple/banana aroma. The bright amber tea is delightful, and tastes like a spicy carrot/banana cake. Especially after adding sweetener and heavy whipping cream. After a cup of this you may begin talking like a pirate - arrrgh! Maties, this here is a right darn good cuppa. No wonder Roger be so Jolly if'n he be drinkin' this instead of grog! This here saucy wench needs to be gittin' more of this - yo ho ho!

  • Earl Grey Bravo


    The ingredients smell like a citrus perfume and it steeps (2 mins @ 200ºF) into a deep amber. I am not a fan of bergamot (or Earl Greys in general), but using honey as a sweetener and heavy whipping cream helps a great deal to smooth out its nasty aftertaste.

  • Berry Blast Iced Tea


    My favorite summer ice tea ( I cold seep it overnight in the fridge, and I like to add a little stevia sweetener). Great strong flavor. My friends all like it when I serve it. If you have not tried this tea yet, give it a chance - you won't be sorry.

  • Lychee Rose Green


    This is a very light rose tea that does not need sweetener or cream. I was able to brew the leaves a second time to pour over ice. It was a lovely ice tea to drink all day long.

  • Simic


    This white tea is very special because it has a fruity blueberry flavor that is rounded off with vanilla. I drank it hot and then seeped it a second time to pour over ice. It was so sweet, it did not need sweetener (which is rare for me).

  • Blood Orange Iced Tea


    This is a strong flavored ice tea, which holds up well on ice. I added a little stevia sweetener to bring out the orange more. It tastes so good, and it is fun to add a little fresh orange fruit in your glass, if you have it.

  • Honeybush Chocolate


    This is one of the most delicious chocolate teas I have ever drank. It not only has a luscious, dark chocolate flavor, but it is caffeine free! Win- win! It will always have a place in my cupboard!

  • Silver Needle


    This is an elegant, simple tea. The flavor is light, but so delicious. As far as white teas goes, it is one of the best. I drank it in the summer, so the second brew I poured over ice for a lovely ice tea. I added 1/2 teaspoon of stevia sweetener both times, and enjoyed it greatly.